Sunday, January 04, 2009

Warning---Poor Photography!

More Baby Hope Chest Goodies. A granny square blankie and a sweet layette set. The blankie is Red Heart Baby Clouds. Very poofy and soft.

I love this layette set. I am sorry I do not know the yarn now. Forgot to write it down. It is a chenille though. I bought the Beatrix Potter kitty cat face buttons at Joann's. I used this same yarn to make Baby Jaidyn (scroll down to the 22nd post) a bonnet and sweater. Made an ear wamer this time with a different sweater pattern. The flowers on it are 2 layer, on the sweater, one layer.

Do not forget to comment on the January 1st post to enter our Whirl Into Winter Giveaway! Those comments are the only ones that actually count in the drawing.

I am stocked up on yarn and am in scarf mode now. Have made 5 since Christmas besides finishing up these cuties.
Hope everyone is warm and dry. It was gloomy here today but no snow. It is still early. My birthday isn't until the 13th and there is almost always snow on the ground for it. So I am thinking we have a couple good weeks yet! LOL
Take care everyone!


3anklebiters said...

your completion rate is smokin'. all are adorable projects and will be much appreciated, i'm sure.

Alice I. said...

There ya go again, Ange! Sheesh, I'm getting tired just looking at what you've made. Now you know JoAnn's has got a sale on yarn right now, right? Many for $1.99, I think, although it sounds like you've already stockpiled for the

Hugs, Alice I.

Laura-IH said...

Aaaaaw! That is so sweet!

Stellar Creations said...

Those are beautiful Angela.. yah know.. with all that extra yarn.. and all those snow days ahead.. just a lil idea but you could make me a blankie. Just thought I'd help ya out with all that yarn.. and since it is on sale.. well.. yah know.. VBG. Happy holidays and boy are you going to be a hard one to keep up with. LOL.. awesome job!

Conni said...

Love the verigated yarns!