Monday, December 26, 2011

Kindle freebies!

There are tons of great freebies to download. Here is one of the first ones I did. I love the classics.
I am blessed. ~Angela

Merry Christmas everyone!

I barely did it I am certain, but I must have made the nice list. Cause this was waiting for me under the Christmas tree.
Tonight I have been snooping around Amazon, seeing what there is out there. AND man, there is so much!
We were blessed as a family this year. Daddy and Mom are still with us. I am so thankful for that. Every year, more so. They are both in their seventies now and not in the best health. They are so precious.
Pray you got to spend time with those you love and hold dear.
I am blessed. ~Angela
PS: Here is a peak at our newest family members. Sophie and Elijah

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hooky fun and sweet friends

Two things I love!
Here is a bit of my hooky love. I made this lil' Bethany Bear on the fly. Writing up the pattern as I went.Thinking I will make more of her. She is made from wool and is very lightly stuffed. Her dress is closed at the bottom. Her hanger is ricketyrack. Right now she is hanging on our everyday tree, but will go on the Christmas tree one of these days. There is no mouth, that is just the stitch holes. Doesn't look so obvious in person. Bethany is 7-inches tall.
Look at this sweet box of goodies my retreat girlies gave me. Amgela's Advent Box. Sorry the tag photo is not very clear. It is all adorable. There is a sewn bag with a tag for each day. I had to wait about 2 weeks before I could bust into this baby!!! Oh the agony. Thankfully I had other distractions, Thanksgiving here and chemo, to keep me occupied. I will share along the way some of the sweet things I received. Miss Laura's daddy built the box. It is an awesome gift in itself! These ladies are simply amazing and I am blessed to call them my friends. Their thoughtfulness and encouragement is just boundless. Thank you my lovelies! You know who you are!!! I love you.

Today is my sweet sister Penny's birthday. I hope you can hop over and give her a birthday greeting.

I am blessed! ~Angela