Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movin' On

Well my 2 winners have been notified, replied and their packages ready to be mailed out. They were happy and so was I. I appreciate folks appreciating, you know what I mean. I have had a couple of drawings where the winners never replied back, even after a couple emails. Once a lady said, no thanks I don't know why I signed up, I don't like the prize. No way you say. Yes WAY!! But actually that was better than me sending it and her tossing it. But still, manners go a long way! LOLOL haven't seen Mr. Toby for awhile. He is soooo big now. Freakish long legs too. Freakish! And he is loving him some bonies. He has several laying about, better to chew on them than the poor sad recliners he has chomped on already. But please does this pic say "spoiled rotten" or what? LOL He threw his ears back right when I snapped. He got startled. Serious business chewing on bonies you know.

And I am still crocheting away. My hands are letting me, so I am staying with it. The lupus is in my feeties right now. Which is a trade off. I have enjoyed making these gloves. If they do not sell on Etsy, I will haul them to a show next fall or give them to my Miss Thing aka Miss Heather. Who is going to become a Mrs. come April 11th. Did I tell you that already?

It is pretty nippy chippy here. Temps were in the low single digits last night. Expecting lower for tonight and tomorrow. Of course I have to get out tomorrow for a long awaited doctor appointment. The liver guy. This is supposed to be a meet and greet and hopefully get some things rolling along. I need a blood transfusion and some tests ran. Just want to feel better! And if there is something to be done, well let's get it done. :o)
Hope you are warm where you are.


Conni said...

Mr. Toby looks quite possessive of his bones!! No sharin' for him!!

3anklebiters said...

travel safely in the cold weather! hopefully all is done quickly and easily.

Laura-IH said...

Two bones? How does he rate? LOL!

Congratualtions to Heather! How exciting! : )

I hope everything at the doctor's and you start feeling better fast!

julieQ said...

What a cute helper you have there!No gettng that bone away from him, no way! Hope all your testing goes well.

Anonymous said...