Friday, March 30, 2007

blessings and gratitudes...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is a bunny pillow I have on Etsy. I made it from yummy hand dyed wools. The front is completely hand stitched. The nose is not nearly as bright as the photo. Me and my poor photography skills strike again. :o) Trying to work in my playhouse more. Spent 4 hours there tonight. Am working on my inventory towards a wool show mid May. It is smelling like spring. We have had a day of showers and sunshine. My tulips are thinking of budding even more. And the grass is looking like it needs mowing. And birds birds everywhere! They were so loud this morning they woke me up with their "hello it is spring" song. Not a bad way to wake up actually. Course I did just roll over and go back to sleep....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Something quilty and adorable! Can you believe someone gave this away? (Thank you KM) I recieved this sweetie in a swap in 2004. Hopefully she enjoyed what she received in return. It is 16-inches square. The picture doesnt do it justice at all. Those are mini yo-yos and all hand embroidery. It hangs straight, but for the picture, I taped it to my door. I use it all over the house. Right now it is on my kitchen counter for spring in a holiday gathering. Just wanted to share something quilty and one of my favorite things.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

And a Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thank you Jenny for the book and hanky. I jumped into the book last night and didnt come out til I was done. Blame it on that March Madness that took our Survivor. We have agreed, it just makes us mad. LOL I enjoyed the book and am passing it on to the sisters and our mom. I am glad it ended on an up note. Would like to read more of this authors. Do not read as much as I used to, save my eye for crafting and sewing. But when I get a book, seems I cannot put it down until I am finished. Even if it means staying awake all night to do it. And the hanky is so cool with my initial on it. I have several that I use, but have never seen one like this. I am owing you now. Will catch up as soon as this sickie passes. Not out in my playhouse right now at all. I have posted anything quilty in a bit. Will have to take some pics from around the house to show something finished. Cause I certainly am not making anything right now.

I posted a free spring stitchery pattern last night on my pattern site. Scroll to the bottom of the page here for the printable pattern. Have had it drawn for weeks and just about forgot to post it! I thought it would make a sweet spring pillow or wall hanging. How about using wool to applique the flowers? Would love to see pics if anyone makes it up. I will post them too with your permission.
The sun was out today and that was my happy thought.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flowers make me so happy. Especially spring ones. Penny (sis#2) brought me pansies over the weekend and then these this week. I was supposed to share the daffies with sis#1, but I said from the start that I wasnt! LOL And I didnt! Thank you again Penny. Mark said these smell really strong and springy. I cannot smell them at all with my stopped up nose. The chick is a pincushion I received from Peggy in our BPF group Pincushion Exchange. This has not been a good past couple of weeks. I have pneumonia at present and all the yuckys that go with it. Caught a cold from our baby niece and that was that. Not doing much but sleeping, coughing and blowing! :o) But I have made some doodles of ideas and notes for "maybes" in the future.

Before I got sick I added several crafties to my Etsy store. Here is a Scotty dog pincushion my sis#1 Debbie has listed there. Precious! And she does such a great job on these. Hopefully I will be working on new spring items soon. It is interesting to go through the shops looking at the crafts and all the different spins on them. Well I am off to bed now, just wanted to check in. Thank you to those who have written me asking me where I was. It is nice to be making new friends. Everyone stay healthy and eat your veggies! :o)