Friday, October 20, 2006

Pincushions and tea cozies are the crafts of the past few days. The chicken pincushion is made from homespun. I painted the features and added a wool star. It has a round bottom so seems to "set" well. Sorry, couldnt resist! LOL The tea cozies are foundation pieced crazy quilt style, onto muslin from my scrap stash. Each are lined. Scrap stash quandry. The more I use, the more I have. It only seems to grow instead of diminish. The larger scraps just turn themselves into smaller scraps. I am thinking to host a one-on-one scrap swap on Backporch Friends. Envelope for envelope, all you can stuff. It would be like minded quilters who want to change up their scraps a bit. Hmmmm...I think I need to post this to the group!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More of my minis and my dollies, Claire and Louisa. These are minis I made for my aunts this spring. They all do handwork and I knew they would appreciate the time in them. All of Daddy's sisters do needlework or quilt. While my Mom can sew and did when we were kids, I think I get my creative side from Daddy. We girls grew up and still say, Daddy can make anything. And he can!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My mindless mini is done. It turned out 6 x 8-inches. The blocks are 1 1/2-inches. Wasn't thrilled with the applique, turned out a bit bigger than I planned. It is small, but not prob small enough. But you know, it is done. LOL Actually it is square, I didnt have it on the scanner bed very even. Whenever I want something to just "do" without thinking, I like to either make minis or crochet. This weekend it was mini. I have sorted through scraps into 3 piles of light, med and dark. My those mediums have me puzzled. Very hard for me to decide for some reason. We are having major rain. So much for those sunny skies last week. If it was all snow, we would be having a blizzard!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gorgeous autumn days here in southern Indiana. This is a close up of one of my garden mums. The monarch butterfly I was trying to snap, flew off just at the last second. I love mums, they are so hardy through these frosty nights. The trees should pop with their colors this coming week. More autumn pics then! My latest projects have been finishing up orders for reproduction pincushions. Course I didn't think to take pictures before I delivered them. Will be making more though and will do it then, IF I can remember.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here are pics of my studio better known as my playhouse. I like having all my favorites around me. Since I enjoy seeing where everyone else plays, I thought you might like to see where I do.

I have my traveling Hitty completed. She stands 6 1/2", is made of muslin and then hand painted by me. Her traveling duds are from Gail Wilson Designs. It is actually a Basic Doll outfit, not a Hitty pattern. Both the dress and apron just needed shortened a bit. I still wanted it to be long though. The painting is done with acrylics over a gesso basecoat. A Minwax antique/sealer in oak was applied in a one-step application. Am pleased that she will stand on her own, means her legs are on straight and stuffed firmly. Doesnt always happen for me! Only after her photos were taken did she tell me her name....Hitty Anne, with an e of course. I can tell she has been reading my Anne of Green Gable books whilst I wasnt' looking. Now she will only need a few more items made for her travels (a cape, a quilt and her journal) to Victoria BC.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Left to right--Me, (adopted sis)Michelle, Mom, (sis)Penny, (sis)Debbie, (dh) Mark, Daddy and (Deb's dh)David. This is a pic of our family (minus the kids) on Wed. night at the local chinese restaurant. Michelle left this morning to go back to Victoria and this was her "going home" supper. We had a wonderful long visit. Just never long enough. :o( We are making our lil girl plans for March though!
Back to working on Hitty.

So here we go.
Everyone says I should blog. Actually I have wanted to for a long time. Just needed the kick in the skirt to get movin' on it. Thank you Penny and Michelle.
We just completed our 6th quilting retreat on Backporch Friends. What an amazing time of sharing and friendship. My quilting forum is the best group of ladies! Talented in quilting AND friendship. We laughed so much at each other and ourselves. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. I felt sorry for all that had the long homeward trek. And those who had to go back to work the next day. I was totally pooped out! But definitely worth it. Quilters are the best kinda friends.
My next project list is a long one. Have orders for patterns and finished sewies. Make curtains for Michelle's remodeled room. Do a bit of movin' about here in the house. Have a dollie group round robin to sew for. A fiber show on the 21st. And start chemo next week.My project for tonight is a new Hitty doll to go visit Michelle in Victoria BC. She will accompany Maggie Mae (on left) on her journey home. Laurel would love to go, but the other girls would be too homesick for their big sister.

be blessed, Angela