Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strawberries and quilting...they go together right?
Penny brought us these yummy Amish grown strawberries today. They honestly do not look real. But are so clean and waxy looking, they look like plastic. Mark asked me what I was going to do with them. Silly boy. Eat them of course. LOL He meant I know, how was I going to fix them. I handed him the sugar bowl and said have at it!

And here is my retreat motivational project. I have had these Moda Chocolat nickels for about 9 months. When I got them I knew I wanted to do the split nine patch. Need one more package to make it 4 x 5. Have all of the first 3 packages sewn together now. Here is a pic of the nine patches before they were cut into fourths. And then a pic of the first 2 rows. Will just be a simple quilt for our bed. I took the photos at night in my playhouse, so really poor lighting. But gives you the idea. This is the easiest of easy quilts to make. Shoot if I am doing it.....yep anyone can. I love the scrappy look of it.

Thankfully the big storms that moved through Indiana missed us last night. We were prepared. I was sitting in my playhouse all night ready to plug in that sump pump! Finally came in at 5am when the tv showed the storms had moved on past. Mark was cleaning out the back rain gutters at midnight after he got home from work. LOL But like he said, it is done now for the next time.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunshine, flowers and pinwheels!

This is a potted daisy on my patio loving the afternoon sunshine. The day after the "Great Flood". Something like 7-inches of rain in 1 hour! My playhouse got it good. And this is with the sump pump and yard drain pulling it. Just too much, too fast. It is dried out now. We are supposed to have more hard rains over the next few days. Rain good. Hard rain, baaaaaaaaaad. LOL

I made up my Friendship Pinwheels we swapped at Retreat. Not a fancy setting, but it is done. And sometimes that counts more! LOL I used my favorite doggy fabric for the outer border. It is backed in the white on white (wow) that we used for the swap. It was to be 3 different 30's reproduction fabrics and the wow fabric. We all used the same 4-inch paper piece block pattern. I love to paper piece!! Great points every time. I have the mini quilt laying over a friendship star quilt that was made for me many years ago. Both are on a tobacco drying rack.
I had my lungs drained again today. Slept all evening and so now up at 4am. Not nearly as bad as the last time because they didn't do my kidneys at the same time. Just gotta take it easy for a couple of days now and let my ribs settle back. Have some hand work to fiddle with to keep me out of too much trouble. It is so good to be able to embroidery again. I really missed it when I had busted up my hand. Now playing catch up on several small things.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hitty quilts, love to make them. These were special orders. Just needed the binding attached. And we haven't seen Baby Jaidyn on here for a couple of days. LOL She is growing so quickly. The most alert baby. And check out that baby slobber. Can you say, cutting teeth?

Friday, May 23, 2008

More Retreat eye candy.
Carolyn and her yummy Winter Wonderland.

Kathi's polka dots for her granddaugher.

How did that get in here? LOL Miss Laura and me.

For my part of the Show and Tell, I came. LOL Yep I was my own project. I guess I am more of a WIP. LOLOL We are already in talks for the next one, probably next year.
I just ate something yummy. A pecan chicken salad sandwich (hold the lettuce) from Arby's. It had grapes in it also. Yum.
Went shoe shopping. Which I hate to do. Came home with nothing. My dress black shoes are about 17 years old. Seriously. And very VERY dated. I just couldnt find something I could walk in. Lots of cute ones, but nothing that said "pick me". Will have to look some more later. Wanted them to wear to a wedding tomorrow. But oh well. I have never been in style I guess. So why worry now. I did get something done for me yesterday. Three inches cut off the bottom of my hair. It had really gotten long, which was fine, but thought it would perhaps help my headaches a bit. Sprung my perm up too. Though probably I just cut most of it off. I think I like it. Just not used to it being at my shoulder. I hadnt had a perm in before chemo. Didnt realize how much I missed having curlies in the Indiana weather. LOL It rains, you have curls. It is humid, you have curls. It is windy, you have lots of curls....everywhere.
We have nothing planned for the long weekend except a wedding tomorrow. Mark is off on Saturday. Works Sunday and then again Monday evening. We ususally have a cookout, but I think the family is needing the time off to rest up from sickies and such. Oh and the local Farmer's Market starts tomorrow. Deb and Penny are planning on doing that with hand-dids. I will go and lookyloo that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sisters are we! :o)

Amazing in person! Even without the borders yet. The movement of it is awesome.

This is from my free pattern. Not quite finished. Love LOVE the setting.

Showing some purse love. She is so cute.

The unswappable mini. It was willing, but not it's momma. She made it larger than we had said. And was NOT giving it up for a mini mini don't ya know! LOL Those Texas girls.

Arghhhh my Retreat Show and Tell pictures all came out with a yellow cast. It was nighttime and the lighting I guess. The daytime ones are fine. So many great ones, are ungreat afterall. This is my first segment to share. These were salvageable with tons of work, but do not do the girl's justice at all!
American Idol was so great. Both were winners in my book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quilting Retreats are not for sissies! But so much fun. LOL

This is our group. Talented and fun ladies.

Now this bunch was the envy of us all. They participated in the Mini Swap using 30's repro fabrics. I didn't get to play since I waited to make my mini and had busted my hand. But next time for sure! Such sweet lil' quilts. We did it brown bag style. Numbered each bag and then drew numbers for the exchange.

Hitty Arietty helped with the drawing of numbers. She is sitting in a Debbie Mumm pincushion basket that Michelle won in a ticket drawing. We had LOTS of doorprizes, thanks to generous sponsors and girls bringing goodies also.

I will be sharing quilt eye candy from Show & Tell soon. But had to share pics of "my ladies" first. Still trying to recover and get unpacked. I have Pincushion Swap pics to share too. Yum!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Off to retreat! So yayayayay for me and for all coming to Indiana to play. I will post soon with tons of pics and funny stories. LOL Cannot wait to see all my friends and hug their necks.
Be back next week!

Friday, May 09, 2008

I am still here. Just crawwwwwwwwwzzzzy busy. Getting ready to hostess my online retreat here in Indiana. We have ladies from CA, WA, MN, WI, MI, KY, NC, NJ, NY, MO, KS, AL, TX and BC Canada coming in to play with us Indiana sisters (hope I didn't miss anyone). LOL We are having block, pincushion and mini quilts swaps. Plus lots of prizes to share. And some of the girls are bringing their Hitty dolls to play with me. :o) Love me some Hitty don't ya know. LOLOL Cannot wait to share pictures with you. Michelle gets to come in on Saturday! Isn't getting to stay as long as she usually does though which is sad. But I cannot wait to see her. Have been beating the dust and cat hair down here in the house. Sheesh! And doing some stuff that should have been done already but we needed company from another country to motivate us. Now that is realllly sad. LOL

Friday, May 02, 2008

Thought for the day...God always sends a rainbow.

And sometimes, even two. :o)

Everyone have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

You can see my wares HERE as of May 1st.
I am like the proverbial one-armed-paper-hanger. Working on goodies for retreat. Working on project deadlines. Doing a ton of computer work and yanking up weeds along the way that insist on invading my gardens. With one hand in a splint. I work up today with it KILLING me. And my splint no where in site. Oh there it is. Out in the hallway where it had apparently landed when I had took it off and gave it a fling. What I was dreaming about when I woke up was that I was in an operating room, totally awake and they were rebreaking my wrist to get it to heal correctly. OUCH. I woke up all moaning and carrying on. Glad I was alone. LOL The cats are used to my moans and thrashing about. They are not too concerned. :o)
What fun! A friend just shared a pic of her version of my free pattern. I love it. She is making it into a wallhanging. When it is completed, I will share the finished project with you. I just love seeing my designs made up. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you can get the free pattern HERE. Thank you for sharing Reeze.