Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you

Everyone has been so encouraging about my tatting endeavors. I am back at it tonight. Took a couple days/daze off. We have both had the head/chest cold plague here. Blech on sickies. I personally have just felt like a bump on a log. Just sitting here. Then finally late last night I got motivated to DO something. I hate sewing on snaps. It is just a lil thing, but I always put it off. These sweet felted bags had just needed that finishing touch for over a week. TAAADAAAA! Each one is crocheted from wool. I do enjoy making these. And they always turn out a bit different. There is no for certain when you are felting. Penny gave me a laundry bag for the smallest things. Like baby socks, I was afraid the washer would eat them! I always hand washed Shayla's because I knew they would go into the belly of the washer. LOL

I have added all these goodies into my Etsy shop.

I have been enjoying Facebook. Have reconnected with high school and old friends. Some live locally and some live out of state. Just nice to hear how everyone is doing and see how big the kiddos have gotten. We gotta love the internet!! If you want to add me to your Facebook, just let me know and I will send you my email connected. I joined a couple of quilting groups there that just post information, no chatting and they have been good reads.

The weather has changed back to winter here. Temps are getting low and snow on the forecast. We enjoyed the warm break while we had it, now back to our regularly scheduled program....


TattingChic said...

What cute little pouches! I'm sorry to hear you were not feeling well, but good for you to get back on the tatting saddle, LOL!

I'm on facebook, under the same user ID. There's a tatting group there, too. It's an offshoot of this tatting group that is free to join. Check it out!!!

Pam said...

I agree that snaps are a not fun to sew. Very cute little pouches. Love the eye glass case ones!

How is the tatting going? I think I have a tatting book somewhere that was passed down from a grandmother. I did not come from quilting roots - but crochet and needlework roots. It is great that tatting is making a bit of a comeback.

I hope you are much better.

Nanabarb said...

Hi Angela, You've been given the Honest Scrap Award. Details are on my blog check it out and pass it on!
It's lots of fun. Barb

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