Sunday, February 24, 2013

Playing catch up

Here I am. All fine and dandy. Life has been busy and challenging since my last post, but all is well. Penny and I finished Farmer's Market at the end of October. We then went straight into show season . And we did bunches! Some great, some good and others horrible. But life is a live and learn experience. We go by the idea of, we will try it once and then know if it is worth vendoring at the next year. I crocheted my lil' heart out until after Christmas. Here are a few pics of our booths.

We had a great holiday season with our family. 
This is my daughter Heather and I at Thanksgiving. The wind in our hair and the sun in our eyes. :o) Our family ate at Spring Mill State Park. Our first time to ever have a holiday not at home. it was nice. Different, but a nice day. Beautiful sunshine too.

I started being a fine art instructor for Michael's in January. This is through Grumbacher painting supply company.  I am teaching acrylic painting. And I also have ANOTHER new job. A real, big girl job. I am an office coordinator for a counseling office. Currently they have 6 therapists and one intern. Love it! Super busy. They treat me amazing and have been very patient in my learning. This has been huge for me. I haven't worked for several years since I closed my shoppe due to my health issues. But I have been feeling better and wanted to try this. I just have to try. I am encouraged that I have been able to think clearly enough to learn and function in the "real world". You know the world outside my safe comfort zone and cozy pjs and crochet hook/paint brush. And in the midst of all this, I turned 50! So folks yes, there is life after 50. I honestly feel like I have started living all over again. God is good.

I am blessed. ~Angela