Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I just listed these on Etsy. Both are 100% wool and very soft. I have written up the pattern to sell in a pdf too. Have it being double checked for me right now. Heather loves wearing mitts as does Penny. I am going to make myself a pair of the cranberry ones next.
EDITED---I have the pdf pattern listed on Etsy now. Instant gratification in these downloadable patterns!

Don't forget to sign up on the January 1st post to enter the Whirl Into Winter drawing. We seem to be having a good turn out for it! :o) Gotta love free stuf. LOL
Everyone stay warm and dry!


Simone de Klerk said...

Those would be great for us here now! We're having some very cold weather here, which is quite unusual for such a long time. But it's fun with the snow (if you don't have to drive and you're not too old).
They look very nice!

Sherry said...

i love your blog, i am originally from washington, IN but now live in florida, but all of our family is still in Indiana. You do great work

Laura-IH said...

Those looks so soft and warm! Wow!

Alice I. said...

Cute, cute, Ange! I admire the fact that you can crochet with a pattern. And now you have even written a pattern up for the gloves! Way cool, girl!