Monday, February 22, 2010

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

And the winner is....

Drum roll please....sarcoidosis. That is what they honestly thought they would find in the lymph node they removed from the start and they were correct. And he told me it was a big one, approximately 2-inches. The possibilities were lupus or some form of lymphoma. I never expected more cancer. Anyways, so now they will be able to figure out a course of medicine hopefully. I have 2 more nodes they will be watching to see if they respond to aforementioned meds, if not, out they will go. The headaches are being ugly still. Thanks God for drugs.
Mark tested negative for the blood clots, although the doppler showed 2 places that were questionable. Possibly pockets of infection. He is taking antibiotics and baby aspirin, wearing compression stockings and praying this will do the trick. He has agreed, it is stinky to get old. But the alternative is stinkier! :o)) 
I am dreaming of spring tulips, pansies and my quilt retreat in May. For now, I will try to watch the Olympic figure skating.
Thank you for all the sweet emails. I have been on the pc VERY VERY little. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home, headaches and healing

In and out of the hospital. Had a reaction to the go-nite-nite medicine. And having huge constant headaches. The hospital called me today to do a little over the phone checkup. When I told her my head was killing me, she ticked off a list of reasons...the reaction to the meds, where I had the surgery, tumor in my nogin, the swelling from the surgery AND the tumor....yep you probably do have a headache. Here is a pic of my neck.
You can tell how swollen I am all around, especially in the back. Looks like I have a goiter back there. Sis took this photo yesterday. No stitches on the outside, they used skin super glue. Nifty stuff I think. Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers. I go to the surgeon on Thursday hopefully he will have the biopsy results then. If not, I have another appt the next Thursday with another dr and she will surely know what is what.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Hate to wear you out with this...

but I would appreciate your prayers tomorrow. Having surgery to remove lymph nodes from my neck. Outpatient deal, but will be there most of the day. The catch is, we have a big ole snow storm coming in for the next 24+ hours. We will be going about 30 miles from home driving in a mess both way probably. Just really wanting it to be tomorrow night and home in my bed with the family all warm and safe in their's.

Mark has an appointment on Monday, to have a peripheral vein study (ultrasound) done on both his legs. They think he has blood clots. Yep, it rocks to be us right now!  He had a major clot in 2000 and was hospitalized for 7 days. So he is not too keen on another round of it.

Thanks so much. Hope you are warm wherever you are. And healthy.