Monday, January 28, 2008

We have the icky sickies here. Otay. Maybe not quite that bad. But remember me posting Mark was sick? Well he loves me enough to share his germs with me. :o( In all honesty, he is very upset about it. But it isnt his fault. I just catch everything. Saturday after I went to bed I woke up for a drink and thought....I am sick. That is how fast it hit me. Went to bed fine. So today I went to the wizard and received a shot and came home with a Zpack of antibiotics. And some lil gold cough pills that look like tiny round vitamin E capsules the dr swore by. Interesting.
Someone asked why I was putting so much in Etsy? Was I doing all this crafty stuff at one time. Are you kidding?? I mean, nope. I have a bit of inventory from my fall shows that I didnt attend. Had to drop out of 2 due to being sick. So.....Etsy here we come. BUT some of the merchandise is new, hot off the press, just made, never to a show before, just made if for YOU stuff. LOL
Just wanted to pop in for a sec so no one would worry or wonder. I have made some sweet bloggidity friends.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ssshhhhhhhh someone is sleeping.

But I cannot wait to show her the layette Aunt Angie has finished for her. It might be a wee bit big yet, but she is growing FAST! This is a Leisure Arts pattern I changed up. I like the side opening instead of the normal center. It fastens with 3 pearl buttons that barely show in the photograph. The flowers have the buttons as center accents. And NO worries on them coming off. They are practically welded on! The yarn is the softest chenille baby yarn I received from Mama Urchin last year. I got it like the day after I found out the baby was "on board". Perfect timing. Thank you Jennifer.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something quilty!! My Thru the Year Christmas quilt blocks. The first picture is the blocks I received for January. Cute stuff huh? The second picture is my January/February ones. The girls will get 1 Santa, candle and snowman (applique nose) each. We have agreed to do our own embellishing. That is the fun part! LOL

This is one of the Valentine's I have been making. Popped some in my shoppe. Having fun making these. And yes, I used glitter. LOL Those who know me well, know this is NOT my norm. But the German glass glitter really added the festive touch needed.

Mark is all sicky with a very bad sore throat and fever. How loud can I say, I do not want to be sick??!!!! I have had hives the past couple of days. Actually this is the second time this week. Just the small bumpy itching kind. Stress does that to me sometimes. Blech on the itchies. Yay for Benedryl.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I appreciated them greatly. Got more cards this week too which made it fun.
Here are a few pics of the items I have added to my Etsy Shoppe. More items to add this weekend. Just gotta do the photo op thang! LOL

And I am quilting! Well making blocks anyways. I think that counts!! I am doing a small Christmas block exchange with 2 other girlys. The particulars are blocks must be in increments of 3-inches. Primitive fabric theme...darks, no whites or brights. And all Christmas related. I will share pics of the ones I have recieved and the ones I am sending this month when I get a chance. I really wanted to do something like this for a long time. Gather together enough to make a couch/chair throw is what I am thinking. Adding more blocks to my stash as I go along. But the fun variety of blocks from others makes it extra special. We all have different scrap stashes and that will be fun to see. I am trying to work mostly from my scraps as much as I can. Course that means I just make smaller scraps!!!! LOL

Wanna see where my lil red potholder dress went? Go HERE and visit my dear friend Liz. She is an amazing quilter, painter and friend.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy birthday to me. LOL Well the 13th actually. I was spoiled rotten by my family as usual. They are so good to me. I appreciate greatly each birthday I am able to have. Being sick sure makes you realize those numbers getting bigger is a GOOD thing! LOL So yay for turning 45. :o)
Have you heard Josh Groban? I am planning on marrying him when I grow up. And yes, my dh does know this. I mean this boy (He is 26.) is so amazing. Listening to his earlier cd now. So I will share one of my favorites with you. Enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Dolly Days/Daze continues. LOL
This is Truly my first Bleuette modeling an ensemble I crocheted for her. Made from bedspread cotton thread. It had been in the works for a bit and finally got back to it. Matching cloche hat and socks of course! :o)

Here she is with her mini dolly friends. I know you think I am silly. But I do love my dolls.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Here is a bit of eye candy for you. LOL Baby Jaidyn smiling for her Aunt Angie! Such the cutie. And ya'll might as well get used to seeing baby pictures. Cause that is just what we do.

Now this is a pic of my old lady crafting as Mark has called it. Whatever. LOL This is an oldfashioned dress potholder I have made it for a friend from crochet thread. Had seen them and made the pattern up as I went along. It takes more thread that I thought with it being 2 layers. And I love the thread holder. Got one for me and Penny at WalMart. Keeps the kitty fur a bit further from the thread and I am not chasing my thread around the house. The project also shoves nicely into it with the hook and scissors. It really takes so little to make me happy :o)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year's everyone! Praying for a healthy and better year for all of us. Peace to the world and an end to the war.
We spent last night playing games and eating here at the house with the neighbors. A young couple just 5 minutes older than our dd. LOL Well 5 years anyways. LOLOL The wind was beating the house like crazy! Today woke up to snow. Wind chill tonight is -5 degrees. BBBRRRRR!! Before the wind got so bad and it was still daylight, Debbie stopped by with Jaidyn. Got me a bit of lovin's in. Such a snuggly she is. I totally forgot about taking her picture. Deb you gotta remind me! I get so caught up in kissing the baby, I forget everything. :o)

Here are 2 lil cuties I made this weekend. They are 2 1/2-inches tall. And so fun! Mark just called out that it is pouring down snow again. Let the games begin! Winter and 2008 are here!