Sunday, May 31, 2009

About those baby quilts

I received a couple emails asking me about donations. YES! If you cannot find a local need, I will gladly accept any preemie, baby or toddler quilts. Or even unquilted tops. A few years ago I was very active in making over 50 a year. But then life and laziness got in the way. I am being honest here. The need in our community is great so I would like to help in my small way. Just write me if you have any questions. Again, I donate to the Problem Pregnancy Center, the local hospital and the local main fire department. The Red Cross also accepts quilts and they are used locally.
The weather is gorgeous here today. A sweet cool breeze and sunny skies! God is good.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last of Retreat...

This is the cutest purse from Michelle C. It has a zipper on the outside at the top AND one on the inside, plus pockets. I love it!

Last night I completed this mini top. I started the baskets at Retreat. It measures 12 x 15-inches. Blue shirting is the background. The border fabric is not quite as dark as it shows up, navy with tiny stars. These are 3-inch paper piece blocks. I am thinking Christmas pressies right now, so perhaps???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More from Retreat

Getting this one ready to quilt and bind. Very pink!

At Retreat everyone brings or donates locally, a cradle quilt for the local Problem Pregnancy Center. There is a huge need for these. Last week I spoke to someone in their office and made my appointment to drop off our collection. The lady on the phone was so excited. Said they were in great need of all sizes. But they also needed special ones for preemies. Smaller than normal size, very soft and no batting (because the weight would be too much for the tiny babies). I hurried and whipped up 2 with Minkee centers over the weekend. And she also told me of another need. This one broke my heart. The local hospital needs bereavement blankies for babies born too early. This is the last picture above. They need something tiny to wrap the wee babies in. I used what Minkee I had, which was all pink and made 10 1/2-inch squares. Sewed them together and bagged them out. Did a simple straight stitch around to hold the front and back together. Will be picking up white and blue Minkee when I can. I made 6 of the pink ones. This is the softest fabric and I couldn't help thinking of the babies skin being even softer. The parents will have something to keep.

Goodies I collected at Retreat! Peanut from Robin, the sewing angel from Connie and my mini quilt I won in the draw from Liz.

Fabric basket from Liz (I loaded it up quickly.) and woolfelt pincushion from Peggy. I still have more to post. Not everything was in my playhouse for the photo op. LOL

Monday, May 25, 2009

A bit of eye candy for ya

Miss Jaidyn looking like a cutie with her lil puppy dog ears. She is so funny.
Hope it is prettier weather where you are! It is a rainy dreary day here. But perfect nap weather....yawwwwwwwwn.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloggers glitches over with.

So glad that has passed. No pics of retreat goodies yet. Have been resting and had a treatment on Thursday. Family was over yesterday for an indoor picnic. Gotta love rain on a picnic planned day! NOT. Loved the family being here though. Shayla corralling plum wore me out though! She was Miss Sassy and needed alot of attention. She loves baby Jaidyn, but is a bit insecure at the same time. So more resting today, like ALLLL day. Which is funny, cause I have felt so restless. But I have been wanting to catch up with my blog reading and was sad I kept getting the error message the past couple of days.

Be sure to head on over to Conni's blog for "the rest of the story". And see her sweet new ride!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Retreats rock!

My Retreat buddies...(starting from the front l to r) Michelle, Robin, Liz, Lori, Nancy, Patti, Conni, Connie, Sherrie, Penny, Me, Peggy, Vickie, Laura and Michelle. My sister Debbie didn't make it into the pic, she left a bit early. Friends from Canada, NJ, CA, NC, WI, MO, IN, NY, TX, MN and ID. Two sets of sisters. What a great time we had. I forgot my camera gosh darn it. But hop through their blogs for tons of pics.
We played from midday Wednesday til breakfast on Sunday. Started missing them as soon as we all parted. One of the best retreats I have hosted honestly. It just worked. An amazing, loving group of ladies.

On the very first night a good ole Indiana storm blew through. The bottom line is that Conni's car got hit by a fallen tree and totalled out. This happened right outside the sewing room and about 20 minutes after the girls had just came in from a food run. The tree could have just as easily smashed through the building and landed on the girls. At the very least, busted out the windows behind where several were sitting. God had His protective hand on us that is for positive!!!
I am excited about sewing again. The retreat really motivated me. This has been a rough winter for me and I have just not been up to much sewing/crafting. Just did a ton of crocheting from my chair. At retreat I completed 2 twin size disappearing 9patch quilt tops, a wallhanging/table topper and a couple of small items. This was huge for me. So yayaya for me!
I will post pics of my retreat projects and goodies as soon as I get photos taken. I will be needing this week to recoup. But it is a good worn out. :o)) you all! Thank you for an amazing time.

Friday, May 08, 2009

I am just sayin'...

A person should be able to have company, even out of COUNTRY company without practically ripping their house apart to clean. I should have dropped the "practically", cause this house has been torn apart. It was horrible!!! Ssure it would be expected to spruce things up. But not digging through what I have been! EEWWWIE! Where does all this dust/dirt come from? I know my dh changes the furnace filter. I told him tonight that Michelle needs to come more than once a year (What is UP with THAT anyways??? You used to come lots more. Saving this discussion for in person bytheby...). At least then maybe the house would be cleaned twice a year! Poor Toby, I think he has dust allergies also. He has been sneezing all week. I cannot believe we have lived this way! No wonder I am sick huh??? I am just sayin'...
Oh and my friends are coming to Indiana next week for our annual Backporch Friends Retreat! Cannot wait to see them all. It starts on Wednesday. Will try to take a bunch of picks. Many of the girls have blogs I can link to. Stay tuned!