Saturday, November 29, 2008

The "almost cousins". Blogger kept turning my pics sideways! So I wasn't about to share all I wanted.

Jaidyn loving on her baby doll. She has a lil cold and was getting so tired.

This is one of her making razzberries. The dolly makes alot of sounds and that is one of them. Baby Jaidyn mimics very well. We laughed and laughed, cause her lips had to be numb!!! And mom's face got wet. LOL

The girls listening to the music from the Pooh book.

Shayla "reading" to the baby.
We had a great day. Dinner at the inlaws and then back here for supper. All yummy and delish.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

And it is finished! And ain't we glad! The last of the shows is past. The quilt show was wonderful!! Aren't quilters the best anyways? Sweet Connie and her friend came up to see the show/us. And we met some really nice people there also. Cathy and her mom Priscilla from In Stitches are super sweet. Go visit her shop in Rushville Indiana if you can. We plan on it after the holidays.
I made the pics small, but you can click on them to see the full size. We took my patterns and samples. Actually I have sold down now on my samples. Want to start fresh if we continue on in 2009. Red River Pickin's the large red wallhanging in the first picture (Penny is peeking around the corner) is now hanging in our newly redone bathroom. Mark has wanted this one for a long time. LOL So he is happy. I do appreciate that he likes what I make. He always wants us to keep everything. :o)

How long do you think it took to set up this crazy booth??? It was a 10x20 ft space. Just under 4 hours! Nuts isn't it? We can tear it down in less than an hour though. LOL
Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you are nice and warm wherever you are.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Making my mom a hug. She is such a sweetie and worries about us all so much. I am working up a shawl for her. Then she can feel our hugs when we are not there to give her one. It is about 2/3's done now. Just a simple half dc pattern and my favorite H hook. Wanted something I could work on easily and not have to read a pattern. So basically this is my version of a reallllllllllllllly big dish cloth. LOL Except I am praying and thinking of my mom as I go. I have memory issues and have been trying to think really hard about memories of my childhood. Finding some forgotten ones.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Look at that face. He is a lil bit sad. And he was a bit cross with his Aunt Penny who he dearly LOVES for taking him to the vet. But she brought her nephew Toby a get well pressie of a fuzzy bone and all is forgiven. Actually I think he overdid himself yesterday and is paying the price today. He was hyper!@! Like he had been to doggie camp and came home hyped up on good boy treats. Not like he had had a lil snip snip, 2 baby teeth pulled and his nails trimmed. We could not keep him from jumping and bouncing around. BUT this morning he woke me up whimpering! Not his, gotta go potty mommy so hurry up, whimper. But a sad lil', I am hurt cry. He got his doggy drugs and then slept it off. Still has this sad face though. Look at those droopy ears :o(

Thank you everyone for the encouraging emails. I have been taking things hard lately. Having the high fevers hasn't helped. BUT I started on a new med Friday night for a week. Only had one high fever last night! Friday night I had 3. So today I am feeling better. We have our 2 day quilt show this coming week. Set up is on Thursday. My stuff is all packed from the last one and I am hoping to finish up a few small things I had started especially for this show.
I had a couple people ask about the snowmen lightbulbs in my past post. These are turned wooden bulbs. I used 18 gauge black wire for the hangers. Purchased them at Michael's.
The weather has turned from nippy here. Snowy sky. Snow flurries are expected. Autumn is officially over and winter is here.
And to end on a happyhappy note...I signed 7 contracts yesterday for 2009 with Create & Decorate. With more to come. So yayayaya!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Autoimmune Hepatitis. Does anyone have this or know someone who does? I have recently (Monday) been diagnosed with this and had never heard of it before. Since I already have lupus and sarcoid, it is all under the autoimmune disease umbrella. Just doing alot of reading right now while waiting for more tests to be scheduled. Thanks for any info anyone has.
And thanks for all the sweet emails about my booth. That show wasn't the best. We were totally shocked by all the cheaply priced, import stuff. It was massive! And in the current economy, cheap rocks over quality hand-did sometimes. sigh
My baby boy Toby is going in for his lil boy surgery tomorrow. I hate they have to keep him overnight! He will be sad and lonely for home. It will be soooo quiet without him here, but I will use the time to sleeeeeeeeeeeep and not go on his potty runs hopefully. :o)