Saturday, August 25, 2012


This week I learned how to roast peppers. Easypeasy and so yummy. Cut red peppers in half. Remove the core and seeds. Pat dry. Place on an older baking tray or cookie sheet in a 450degree oven with the skin side up. Remove when the skin has become blackened. Place in a glass dish and cover with plastic wrap. The steam will help you remove the pepper's skin. Allow to cool.Once cool, with your fingers, remove the skin. Do no use water as this will remove yummy juices. To preserve, slice and freeze or cover with extra virgin olive oil and refrigerate. I was thrilled with the results. I also purchased ice cube trays to store my herbs in. I will gather them, dice them and place them in the trays. Then cover them with EVOO (You may also use melted unsalted butter) and place in freezer. Once frozen, I will store the cubes in labeled freezer bags. My herbs to preserve are basil, parsley, thyme, sage and rosemary. 

Do you have an actual emergency first aid kit? I do not. I have made a list of all the items that I think we should have in one, portable carrier. Not just in the medicine cabinet. My plan is to work on this over the next couple of weeks. I have a small craft storage container that will be perfect. The divided top section removes and the lower section is divided into 3 parts. It has a tight locking lid and double handles. Here is a partial list of items I am including. Hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, assorted band aids, pain relief ointment, teflon pads, gauze pads, self adhesive tape, ace bandage, disposable gloves, small scissors, tweezers, Ibuprofen, white wash cloths and a arm sling. I have just had this on my mind for some time that I should do this. Weather related emergencies happen. We need to be more aware and prepared.
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I am blessed ~Angela