Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Felted Soap

I had a few questions about the process and thought I might post more here. You must use a tight stitch and 100% wool. The tight stitch ensures good shrinkage and the pure wool is a must. Acrylic yarn will not shrink just get fuzzy and stay big. I didn't use the microwave. I just used the microwavable bacon cooker thingy. I first ran very hot tap water over the crocheted bar, the worked it in my hands, then ran it back and forth over the ridges on the pan. Like a washboard. This creates the agitation of the fibers. Oh and a follow up on my convo with Mr. Mark...hey I like this soap, will you make me one? LOLOL He had washed his hands with it and loved the way it got all sudsy. He wants his own for the shower. My reply...we will see. LOL I knew he would want one. Boys!!

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Liz said...

They are a funny lot but they let us play with our toys so I guess I'll keep mine around. How 'bout you? :o)