Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big girl and teddy bears! Our Miss Jaidyn is getting so busy. Is almost walking! She is such a cutie.

Playing peek-a-boo with great-aunt Angie.

The bears are all made from wool. The large one is dressed in a very sweet, vintage baby dress. She is approximately 36-inches tall.

These goofy lil' ones have lavendar buds added to their stuffing. I dried it from my gardens. They smell yummy. I plan on adding collage tags to each of the 3 bears.

It rained for a full 5 minutes tonight! The first rain the whole month of August on my yard. At least it settled the dust a bit. I got all excited though thinking, this was it! Poor Toby did NOT want to go out to potty after all. LOL He was at the door to go then did a quick turn around. Honestly, he had probably forgotten what rain was it had been so long since he had been in it. We went anyways. Me all hunkered down with a big ole umbrella over us both. Chanting...go potty, go potty. Quite a site I am sure. :o)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Computer woes and candle making question...
Yep that is what has been happening at my house. Blogger wouldn't let me in. Actually I didnt receive any of the sweet congrat messages you all posted to me about the magazine. I found them when I went to make my next post. Thank you thank YOU! But blogger wouldn't play nice all week long. Then my pc got hit with some crazy virus/trojans. Still working on the spam I am receiving. But new day and here we are in blogland. So yayaya for that :o)
Thought I would show you a couple pics of recent completed projects. Just quick wooly ones. The small snowman on the last pic is actually a pincushion. It is filled with that crazy Lizard Litter (crushed walnut shells).

And this big boy of mine is getting some crazy hair on him. LOL It is so cute. It is coming in random tuffs all over his face and chest. The towel (an old bath towel cut in half), well there is usually a couple laying around. His blankies/chew toys at the moment. I just told Penny tonight when Toby got out of his chewing stage I was going to make him his own blankie. Her reply...5 years? Yes probably. He is the chewer still. But is he just 4 months old.

Penny has a question I am passing along to you all. Do any of you have any experience making soy candles??? This is my dilemma .... My four ounce candles, that are in jam jars, burn beautifully. The pint size candles, which are a pound of wax, do not burn nearly as well. I'm thinking I need to use two wick in these larger candles. What do you think? I plan to experiment with the double wicks before I offer the pint candles for sale or as gifts but thoughtI would ask for your opinions. Thanks for any suggestions.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I posted. 14 dishcloths later...LOL Yeah. That is how many I finally ended up with. I did have a couple ask for the pattern, so will post that this week for anyone interested. Very simple pattern. We had a mini yard sale here today. Heather is getting ready to move and wanted to clean out a bit and of course we always have a bit to add to the sale table. She was happy with what she did, so that was good. There were a ton of them going on about town, so we didnt do as well as we usually do. People were looking for school clothes. And people were having them to make money to buy school clothes. It still seems strange not to have a school age child. I miss the excitement of chatter about new clases, bookbags and making new friends. sigh She will be 21 in September. I need to get over it huh? LOL

Here is Toby showing off his baby teeeth. We are working sooooo hard on training him to be a sweet boy and not "mouthy" as the vet calls it. But giving kisses and not bities. The potty training is going great. He is going to the door alot now when he needs to go potty. And sometimes will even give a lil yip to get my attention he is there. Course there are still accidents, but they are fewer apart now and usually when he gets excited his daddy has came home!