Monday, January 26, 2009

Pneumonia and the Dog Ate My Homework

This is Toby's mugshot. Cause he got sent to puppy jail aka his doggy bedroom/kennel. I had been working on a medallion for my tatting class, had only 1 more complete section left to work and then to just hook it together to make the circle. Went to the potty. Nough said? I thought I had it pushed back on the table far enough. BUT this one with his freakishly long legs managed to get to it. My poor dining room table has the claw marks to prove it! And then there is the tangled mess of crochet thread. I tossed it and didn't even think to take a pic of that!!! Stephen, if you are reading this........... I really did do it!!! And it took me several hours too. I started to cry, then said, whatever. I will do it again. I have the making of the stitches and picots down, it is hard for me to do the joining of the chains and the circles. After that drama/trauma I picked up a hook and started a mini doilie. Need to "walk away" from the tatting for a bit.
And I have pneumonia. Doesn't take much for it to happen, junky lungs (lupus) and all. From a head cold, to a sore throat, to this. The dr listened to my lungs and I had a chest xray and blood test. They called on the xray on the way home. Got a shot and told to rest. LOL That is alllllll I do. I call it resting to be sitting up doing handwork. Don't you?
We are expecting some inches of snow. Have been blessed so far to have had so little.
Everyone stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you now have pneumonia, oh my. Do get your rest and take care. {HUGS}

Pat said...

I'm sorry you are having a difficult time right now and will hope you feel better soon. BAD stop doing that stuff!!!

Teresa said...

Hope you are feeling much better by the time you read this. Cute picture of Toby...he look so innocent.

3anklebiters said...

Puppies are as bad as children, never trust them with food or anything important. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Laura-IH said...

Oh, hon! I'm so sorry to hear you have pneumonia. That is no fun!

Why, oh, why, would Toby want to eat your lovely tatting? That makes no sense at all! I'm sure your next one will be even prettier!

Nancy Jo said...

That cute puppy can do no wrong. I saw his little face. If he did he is very sorry.
Hope you are feeling better, not fun to feel down.
I went to the thrift today, got lots of good stuff. Two big tins of buttons, an old rolling pin. etc. Looking for a big snow event here for tonight and tomorrow.
Nancy Jo

TattingChic said...

Hope you get better soon! The dog ate your homework! Look at that face, so innocent, LOL! Well, perhaps you'll put your tatting in a locked safe with a secret combination the next time you go potty! ;)