Saturday, September 22, 2007

Life is just a merry-go-round, all ups and downs. We just have to hang on and ride it out.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Here are pictures of my parents and Baby Shayla. Ok we know she isnt a baby, but honestly, that will probably be who name forever. LOL I messed up and didnt take a pic of all 3 birthday kids...Daddy73, Heather20 and Shayla4. Just thought of it this morning :o( It was a gorgeous day for our cookout. I just did not realize we invited every yellow jacket, fly and gnat in the county. Shayla was running around with a fly swatter someone brought out. I think she must have gotten stung by a bee before because she explained all about they sting, they hurt and they must die! All the food and soda's made them crazy. And us! We had grilled hamburgers, barbecued chicken breast (Mom precooked in the pressure cooker and then Mark sauced it up and grilled it. Very tender and yummy AND done in the middle.), sausage grillers, cole slaw, baked beans, mexican pasta salad, cottage cheese and Debbie made a Jello cake. This is our closest thing to a sugar free cake. It is a regular cake mix withe sugar free Jello and Cool Whip. Several are diabetic so we have to watch it. The food was high enough in carbs. We needed a green salad but I forgot til we were eating. Can you see a pattern in the memory? It is gone!

Here is a wool pillow I just finished up. The pink flower is actually not as "shocking" as it appears.

Friday, September 14, 2007

To keep this is the doll blankie I made for my niece. She is our Baby Shayla. Even though she insists she is a big girl now that she has turned 4 this week. Love this lil' girl to pieces. I made the blankie from my stash. I didnt have enough batting on hand to add sashing. And had to piece the batting! But it made me happy to use from my stash for it. I know it is going to be well "loved" (wallowed!). When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said babies, bunches of babies and baby stuff. Well she is getting a baby and a blankie big enough for the both of them. LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here is my newest new pattern. I am tickled because I feel like I am actually accomplishing something these days (daze!). Pocket Sewies is listed HERE. Something quick, fun and useful!

This a pic of my backdoor. Notice the rusty iron headboard. We had a fuss over that one. it is salvaged from along the side of the road. I wasnt allowed to get in the daylight. LOL Mark was so embarrased that I wanted it. We had to go in the dark. It was definitely set out for the trash man with their other trash. There was a footboard also. It has since rusted into several peices and was tossed. Course he did this when I was asleep! I have to take a peek at our trash every Monday night to see what he is leaving for the trashman on Tuesday! Right now we have a desk. It is something HE wagged home from across the street. LOL But about the flowers...LOL The pot on top is my mexican Heather. We purchase this annual each year in honor of our own Mexican Heather. Our daughter is adopted and is 1/2 Mexican. So how cool they named a flower after her? LOL At least that is what she thinks. The greenery you see along the house foundation is our dutch iris's coming back up. Mark whacks them down late summer and then they will come back up pretty good by frost. The dead foliage is gone and we have something neater to look at. I love this flower because of the lush foliage. The blooms are a gorgeous blue/purple. They just do not last long enough. The other pot, I am clueless about. It was gifted to us last year, so it is a perienial. Blooms yellow and peach in the early spring. We are having wonderful wonderful weather!! Cooler and breathable! So yay for Indiana.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God bless America

Eye candy from my show last weekend. The lighting was kinda dim along the walls. Accent lights in my booth would have been a huge help. The ladies who run and work this show are the best! So sweet and helpful. Definitely our favorite show. The first picture is of my latest pattern, Backyard Bounty. It measures approx 18 1/2-inches square. I got the directions written out the night before the show. Penny put the pattern packets together while we were setting up. So it made it in under the wire. :o)

These are the Purty Sisters. Aola Grace and Frannie. They are big girls measuring approximately 50-inches tall. They have wool shoes with antique glass shoe buttons. Their hair is also handdyed wool I ripped, knotted and sewed to their heads. Homespun dresses have wool applique. Painted faces with button and painted eyes. They were so much fun to make. Unfortunately they were not adopted at this show. Hopefully the next!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Well I am hoping this coming weekend is the best part. Cause the past couple of weeks have been the yucky ones! Whine whine. I know! :o)

My show is this weekend. So yay for that being here. But booooo for not having all I wanted done. I finally had to have "that" talk with myself. You know the one. "Suck it up. This is all you can do. So be over it." LOL Yep that one.

But on a happy note. Here is one of my new patterns I have been working on. The second one has not had it's picture taken OR been written up. Part of "that" talk. Sigh. Soon.

Here is Yulethyme.

I was happy with how it turned out. It is BIG. 14 x 46-inches.

Everyone have a cool night.