Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got Tagged

Nana Barb tagged me for the Honest Scrap. They say I have to reveal 10 honest things that I've never blogged before. Also supposed to list 5 of my addictions. The fun part is getting to choose 5 more friends to tag. So here goes:

1. I hate scary movies. They scare me.
2. I cannot stand loud noise.
3. Was divorced when I was 23. Not by mychoice. Sad huh? Was married 4 years.
4. Remarried when 29. I am 46 now. You can do the math. :o)
5. Speaking of age. I thought all last year I was going to be 45 THIS year.
6. Cannot stand canned pineapple. Love fresh.
7. I think puppy breath is theraputic.
8. I have to clean up as I go along in sewing and crafting. Cannot work in a mess.
9. Sometimes I drink juice out of the container. But never chocolate milk.
10. I wanted 4 children. Glad to have been able to adopted the one I have.

Addictions....oh my. Mt. Dew, working with my hands, the computer, my family (I love to be around them.), dolls (Hitty, Bleuettes, Raggedies...just any dollies that are small and sweet. There are probably more things I can add, but thankfully we only have to share 5!

Now I challenge Penny, Laura, Liz, Kate and Conni to "spill it."


Laura-IH said...

Scary movies scare you? Really? ROFL! : )

Conni said...

I took the challenge, and spilled the beans over on my blog!! Thanks...I think!! LOL!!

Sandy said...

Like the look of your fingerless gloves.

Just trying to do a little visiting here this afternoon as I try to unwide from work. Just in from work a short while ago.

I don't like scary movieseither
Like your banner on your blog, very nice.

Liz said...

I liked reading those. Did you think it was hard or do you just know yourself better than I know me? lol

Old Jail Artist said...

I'm with you; I don't like scary movies, either. I wish Jane Austen had written more books. I love watching the movies made from those.

Swapna said...

Hello.. an Award just after the tag... you have been chosen...

lani said...

Did you not love this and I got it also and just had a ball and things that I loved to let the ladies know ....lani

SHIELA said...

nice blog you got here. Thanks for the visit and comment that you made in my blog. Have a good day!