Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Corners of my house is the theme of the day. I read Betsy's blog this morning and enjoyed her "memory" cabinet and thought of our's.

Mark refinished this cabinet about 12 years ago. The one and only refinishing project he has done. It is our memory cabinet. Filled with gifts, family heirlooms and favorites. The quilt is a gift from my Backporch Friends group early on in my cancer adventure. I love it! It has signature blocks and the Raggedy Ann is hand embroideried. The doll on top is by Sue Sizemore. My daddy made me the wooden tray. The gourd is painted by me.

The second shelf... Mark made these funny lil cows from sculpey and I painted them for him. Oh my, about 14 years ago. The bunnies peeping out are the first gift he ever gave me. They were an Easter present. The tiny tea cup is from Michelle. The dried roses are saved from a sweet gift from Penny. They dried so perfect. A angel is nestled in them and was a gift of encouragement from my Aunt Betty. The coffee pot is the first thing his mom bought with her first paycheck. When you pick it up it play music. The bottom shelf holds a bunny I painted for Mark's grandma and a ceramic duck dish I painted for mine. We received these back after their passing. Mark painted the Garfield banks in 4-H as a wee lad. The bread dishes were his mother's. She passed away when he was 15. The ceramic angel actually belongs to Heather and was a birthday pressie.

And doing this backwards as usual...the top shelf holds my Raggedies, thimbles from Heather's travels, Anne of Green Gables doll I bought when I went to see Mich in Victoria Bc and my Mary Engelbreit doll from my mom. Before I even knew who she was! LOL

This is my current hand work project. I am crocheting a bag to felt. Using a size H hook. My first time at felting, so we will see. It seems so huge! But I know it will not end that way. The yarn is Wool of the Andes (100% Peruvian High Wool), Sapphire Heather, from Knit Picks. Actually it is much more "heathered" than it looks. Has a navyish color in it.

Now I challenge you to show the corners of YOUR house. If you do, please let me know so I can go have a lookyloo. Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are having a baby. Well, not "we", but my niece Hillary. Here she is with my sis Debbie. I love this picture. The baby shower for Baby Jaydn Alyssa was Saturday. She got soooo many sweet things. We served sandwiches, veggie tray, feta and spinach spread on crackers, tomato and roasted pepper cheese spread too, cake, mints and nuts. Just 3 weeks to go!

Here we are holding the quilt our "other"sister Michelle made and her picture. It is adorable. She does amazing work! And it is soooo pink. Yikes! I looked like I have been dragged through the bushes backwards. Ignore me and look at Hillary and the sweet blankie! I was just about "done" here. LOL
This is the diaper cake I made her. I had so much fun shopping for it. Goodies are all the way around it. The bottle of M 'n M's was a guessing game.
This is the quilt I made Baby Lyssi. It is pretty big so she can get lots of use out of it. All in 30's reproduction fabric. With a scrappy binding. Love you HillaryNoelle. Hope you use this quilt! Do not save it! :o) It is to wrap your lil' one up in love.
Oh and don't forget the blog special I posted HERE.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Here is a blog offer just for you. Well and you, and you, and you and and...LOL On my pattern site, The Country Cellar, at checkout, use this voucher code for 10% off your entire order.
I am adding a bit of finished goodies as I get photos taken. The discount applies to everything, even clearance items. Promotion ends November 1st.
Well here is hoping we all have a better week! Cause last week was pretty yucky all around. We were to have done our last show on Saturday and had to cancel. Phooey! This was a cool fiber art show with live critters and tons of vendors. But we were afraid for me to go and then get sicker or have this infection turn into pneumonia. Which is not my friend with my health issues. Debbie is on medical leave for her legs and Penny is in her walking boot for another month. And is on antibiotics for bronchitis too. What a puny bunch! But this will be a better week. And if we say it enough.... :o)

I did finish my lil wall hanging. Satin the recliner and fiddled with it. Just dont know for sure now how to quilt it. I love to piece, it is the quilting that bogs me down. Without binding it measures 17-inches. The inner border is only 1/2-inch. It started to get wonky on me. The fabric got stretched a bit, but it worked out fine. All the fabrics are Civil War reproductions. Now who shall I gift it to???

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blah and blech. That is the situation here. Mark has strep and tonsilitis. I have bronchitis and sinus infection. :o( Both got shots and are on meds. We are the only house on the block with the big ole quarantine sign. LOL And the weather is gorgeous! So pretty. We are both sleeping alot and just being slugs. I have worked on my grandmother's flower garden wallhanging. The original thought was to make it into a dolly quilt for my Bleuettes, thus it is in all blues and white. But it seems too large to be proportional. Will have to work up something else for their bed. They have one quilt, but winter is coming and they need more blankies dont you know.

Hey any homeschool mom's out there? My friend De-De has a site up now with tons of books and such listed. Her kidlets are grown and she is trying to clean out. They look to be really great prices. So go here to check out her website. Tell her Angie sent you!

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my show pictures. And hey. If you want an email back you have to have your mail preference set to allow it. It makes me sad to write a heartfelt email and have it bounce back in my face! Well not literally, but you know what I mean. So PLEASE, set up your mail preference to allow those replies! I want to talk with YOU. :o

And here are my baby girls. Lydia is so not happy because Gracie is on her perch at the window.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another weekend vendoring. This time at a quilt show in southern Indiana. It was a 2 day show. Not very many people attended unfortunately. Lack of advertising. And it was a shame because the quilts on display were very nice. Some exceptionally awesome. Two highlights. The first was meeting Conni from Simply Quilted! Just a random occurrence and those are usually the best. She was also vendoring as a longarmer. Conni had samples and photographs of her wonderful work. And such a sweet gracious lady. My sisters and I were very happy to meet her. Debbie reads her blog also so it was way cool. Kaye England was the guest speaker. She shared alot of her personal life and of course her gorgeous quilts. A humerous speaker that really encourages everyone.
I have included photographs in this post and the one below of our booth. We thought/paid for a 8x16-foot space. We got approximately 10x10-foot space. sigh After a bit of anx we worked it all out. Being in the middle of the floor we were able to use both sides of our space/tables. And after it was said and done, it was our favorite set up this year. Go figure. LOL One last show this weekend and we are done. Done in! Love my sisters for helping and putting up with me. They have down all the schelping and I really appreciate them!!!!!

Debbie and Kaye England. They were both having a great time. Deb helped fold her quilts after her lecture and got to really talk to her more then.

Pics from our booth this past weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here are my Hitty girls. They are all in my playhouse right now. I have been out there working so much lately, I gathered them all up to come join me. There is usually one or two out there with me already to keep me company and give their dolly opinions. :o)
We are heading off to vendor at a 2 day quilt show. Be back on Sunday. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Sunshine Lane", my newest pattern. Still working the directions up. It is applique, foundation (paper piecing) and patch piecing. I did the big stitch hand quilting with dark brown pearl cotton. Wore my fingers plum out with all the quilting. But I am happy with it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Here is some crafty eye candy for you all. The first pic is 2 fabric pears that I painted on. Wool leaves and cinnamon stick stems. They are in a old wooden cheese box. I painted a lil' berry vine across the front.

Here are the gourds I posted this summer all painted up. Not near as bright as they appear. Glare from the indoor lighting really made them look bright. I was happy with them. The backsides each have a red checkerboard painted. The floral one is a dark taupe color, the other two are dark mustard. They are sealed with a matt spray sealer. Not the shiney hiney stuff that they look like. LOL

Here are my wool pincushions. I used tiny tiny buttons as accents on the cushies and the wooden heart bases.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thanks everyone for all the comments. The last post picture is of my baby niece Shayla the one I had posted about earlier. She is so precious to us. We had gone to a pizza/playland place and I took the pic there.

We have been crazy around here. My mom got sick and ended up in the er with 8 staples in her head after whacking it on the door facing on the way down, when her blood sugar dropped. Whew that was a run on sentence! But it happened just that way. :o( And she hurt her foot/ankle. THEN sister Penny, you know the one who just had her Achilles repaired? Yep you are thinking the right thing, she tripped over her kitty and is now back into a walking boot thing and crutches. Goes back on Tuesday with mom to have it xrayed... please pray she didnt tear it and need surgery again. And please pray for our mom too. She has tests ran and dr appts in the coming week. I am so grateful that her other meds have helped her head. Keeps telling me it doesnt hurt! And that is a blessing for sure!!

This is a picture of my granddog. Sis and her boyfriend got this lil Jack Russel Terrier, Butterscotch, for free from a friend. She is a tiny lil thing and so precious. Her mommy wasnt into parenting and weaned her babies at 4 weeks! But she eats wonderful and is healthy. As the runt of the litter, she is really small.

Need a quick cookie recipe? This is a great one for kidlets to make too. My dh made these over the weekend and mom makes them all the time.

Cake Mix Cookies

  • dry cake mix of your choice (choc, white or yellow work well)
  • 1 stick of margarine melted
  • 1 egg
  • 2 T water
  • optional...choc chips, nuts, coconut

Mix together with spoon. Drop by teaspoon or cookie scoop onto ungreased cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Bake at 350 degree for 10 minutes. Let cool in pan 3-5 minutes. A nice chewy cookie with a brownie like texture.

I have been working in my playhouse. Have several finished items to take photographs of. Maybe today??? Will try. Off to take a rest right now.