Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy faces

Look at these lil' viola faces. Aren't they the sweetest? My yearly gift from Penny. I came home from the hospital to these sitting on my bench. Mark potted them up for me. And this ole junky stepstool thingy, I love it. That rusty/tacky thing to the side of it is a metal twin size headboard I got from along side the road several years ago. LOL I do love my rust!

Then yesterday, I was gifted with this gorgeous pot from Penny's boss! Now how sweet is that? Mary is a wonderful person and she has been so good to Penny, but come on! Taking on the extended family? That is beyond the call of duty. And come to think of it, I don't even think she is technically Penny's fulltime boss now. Just a dear friend. They really made my day. I was feeling a bit of a pity party coming on and they snapped me right out of it! Who can be sad looking at so much beauty. Mark bought me the rockybunny this year at Lowes by the way. He said when he saw the quilt on it, I needed it. Was in the outdoor settythings section.

I hope I wrote back and thanked everyone for the encouragement for Monday. Not heard back from the dr yet. Do not really expect to til mid next week. Stuff takes time. It went much better than they predicted. I didn't bleed alot. Ewww I know. Had to stay 6 hours in bed at the hosptial after the procedure. The hospital has called every day since to check on me. That makes me feel both good and bad. Good they are on top of things and care, bad in that did they think I was going to have issues? LOL Just been totally wiped out is all. Not even crocheted. BUT I did watch my Survivor last night. Note to Beverly's dd Mary...yaya for March Maddness being over for us! :o)
"There is more to life than increasing it's speed." -Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dishcloth Swap = Great!

Here are the goodies I received from my Hand-Dids dishcloth swap. Kate sent me the blue knitted dragonfly and crocheted heart, Christie made us all beaded bookmarkers with our names and made me the springy floral, Vicki knitted up the textured blue/green. Penny and I both waited until we recieved all 3 squishes to open. It felt like a holiday. I think Kate did the same thing. Shoot, I think it was her idea. LOL The next exchange will be needlekeepers. Cannot wait.

Monday I have to have a liver biopsy. Blech. Not a huge deal, just dread it. Whisper a pray if you think of it please.

I have been awake the entire night. This is going to mess me up for sure. Had a crazy headache that just would not let me sleep, even though I begged it too. I was more active than usual on Friday and Saturday, working on my house and the wedding flowers. Trying to get ahead since I know this coming week will be pretty much recovery from the testing. So I am realllly tired out. I didn't even take a rest on Saurday! Heading off to bed again to give it another try. Here is hoping.....

Have a sweet Sunday everyone.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fat Quarter Fonts

I received my winnings from Terry over at Atkinson Designs today. Her brand new book/cd set. It looks like a great book. Thank you Terry!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad book

Sad sad book. The Friday Night Knitting Club. And I passed up a quilting novel to buy this. My book buying dollars are not spend willynilly either. Like EVER! LOL I had time on my hands at a long running over appointment the other day. Gave in and bought a book. We are library people thank you very much! Penny is my personal shopper library lady. Scoping out the books I found this one. Started reading...not bad, got more involved in it... Then I told Penny about my purchase. Her reply, you are not going to like the way it ends. She knows me, cause I hated it! I will not spoil it for you, but #1. Have tissues at hand. #2. Plan on staying up all night to finish it. #3 Be on the waiting list for the sequel.

I am making yogurt cheese. Will let you know how it turns out. I have chives in the garden I plan on adding, so this batch will be a savory spread. Penny turned me onto it because I have been talking about wanting a yogurt maker and the things you can do with it. I am using the Stonyfield plain low fat yogurt. After only 2 hours, I have emptied about a cup of liquid whey from the bottom bowl. More than I thought. I am thinking it will really be yummy and much MUCH lower in fats than my beloved cream cheese. sigh

ps: And I hate March Madness. Just makes me mad! Knocks out my Survivor.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding bells...

Or maybe it is just my high blood pressure? Either way probably. April 11th is getting closer and closer.
We got all the invitations for Heather's wedding completed and mailed today. Glad that is done. She is figuring out that weddings are alot more work than she EVER thought!!! I have got to get to the flowers and completing her veil now. A small amount of shopping needs to be done yet. I need new black shoes. I kid you not, my single pair of black shoes are 16 yrs old! And I love them, but yes. They are very outdated. Have a lil gold thingy on the top. But nice classic pumps. And I have worn them to death. The heals look great and so do the toes. I bought good when I bought these and they have been worth it. My mom told me to toss them as soon as I got my new black shoes. Cause she knew I would go back to them. LOL She is a shoes/clothes fanatic!!! Me, the polar opposite.

Prayers would be appreciated for my Aunt Geneva (late 70's). She is in critical care with pulmonary distress. A sweet woman, one of our favorites. Fighting for each breath must be so horrible. We love her and she is very close to our daddy. I know he must be hurting badly.

I am still dreaming of tulips and spring flowers. The picture is of the lil pile of mini daffodils by the back door. They always pop up first. They are the brightest yellow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The smile of a child

My sister Debbie is so good to me. They took the baby to the local pizza/playland for the first time last week and invited me along. It was a whole bunch of firsts. Jaidyn's first ride on the merry-go-round. Riding the little cars. She was in love with the Bozo figurine. Wasted her precious kisses on him! Won a few tickets to redeem for balls and candy. Just watching her made me feel better. Who can be sad or sickie with that smile to see? Precious she is. Children are such a gift from God.
And I saw my first robin red breast today. He was taking a bath in a mud puddle nekked as a jaybird he was! LOL Sorry, my feable attempt at humor. LOL