Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got Tagged

Nana Barb tagged me for the Honest Scrap. They say I have to reveal 10 honest things that I've never blogged before. Also supposed to list 5 of my addictions. The fun part is getting to choose 5 more friends to tag. So here goes:

1. I hate scary movies. They scare me.
2. I cannot stand loud noise.
3. Was divorced when I was 23. Not by mychoice. Sad huh? Was married 4 years.
4. Remarried when 29. I am 46 now. You can do the math. :o)
5. Speaking of age. I thought all last year I was going to be 45 THIS year.
6. Cannot stand canned pineapple. Love fresh.
7. I think puppy breath is theraputic.
8. I have to clean up as I go along in sewing and crafting. Cannot work in a mess.
9. Sometimes I drink juice out of the container. But never chocolate milk.
10. I wanted 4 children. Glad to have been able to adopted the one I have.

Addictions....oh my. Mt. Dew, working with my hands, the computer, my family (I love to be around them.), dolls (Hitty, Bleuettes, Raggedies...just any dollies that are small and sweet. There are probably more things I can add, but thankfully we only have to share 5!

Now I challenge Penny, Laura, Liz, Kate and Conni to "spill it."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pneumonia and the Dog Ate My Homework

This is Toby's mugshot. Cause he got sent to puppy jail aka his doggy bedroom/kennel. I had been working on a medallion for my tatting class, had only 1 more complete section left to work and then to just hook it together to make the circle. Went to the potty. Nough said? I thought I had it pushed back on the table far enough. BUT this one with his freakishly long legs managed to get to it. My poor dining room table has the claw marks to prove it! And then there is the tangled mess of crochet thread. I tossed it and didn't even think to take a pic of that!!! Stephen, if you are reading this........... I really did do it!!! And it took me several hours too. I started to cry, then said, whatever. I will do it again. I have the making of the stitches and picots down, it is hard for me to do the joining of the chains and the circles. After that drama/trauma I picked up a hook and started a mini doilie. Need to "walk away" from the tatting for a bit.
And I have pneumonia. Doesn't take much for it to happen, junky lungs (lupus) and all. From a head cold, to a sore throat, to this. The dr listened to my lungs and I had a chest xray and blood test. They called on the xray on the way home. Got a shot and told to rest. LOL That is alllllll I do. I call it resting to be sitting up doing handwork. Don't you?
We are expecting some inches of snow. Have been blessed so far to have had so little.
Everyone stay warm!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you

Everyone has been so encouraging about my tatting endeavors. I am back at it tonight. Took a couple days/daze off. We have both had the head/chest cold plague here. Blech on sickies. I personally have just felt like a bump on a log. Just sitting here. Then finally late last night I got motivated to DO something. I hate sewing on snaps. It is just a lil thing, but I always put it off. These sweet felted bags had just needed that finishing touch for over a week. TAAADAAAA! Each one is crocheted from wool. I do enjoy making these. And they always turn out a bit different. There is no for certain when you are felting. Penny gave me a laundry bag for the smallest things. Like baby socks, I was afraid the washer would eat them! I always hand washed Shayla's because I knew they would go into the belly of the washer. LOL

I have added all these goodies into my Etsy shop.

I have been enjoying Facebook. Have reconnected with high school and old friends. Some live locally and some live out of state. Just nice to hear how everyone is doing and see how big the kiddos have gotten. We gotta love the internet!! If you want to add me to your Facebook, just let me know and I will send you my email connected. I joined a couple of quilting groups there that just post information, no chatting and they have been good reads.

The weather has changed back to winter here. Temps are getting low and snow on the forecast. We enjoyed the warm break while we had it, now back to our regularly scheduled program....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Stunk

Yep folks. I stunk at my tatting class last night. BUT I keep telling everyone, I will perservere! LOL I will master and not be mastered....blahblahblah. LOL I am used to "getting it". And I just didn't. I know part is my sickness and the problems I have retaining and concentrating, but part was, I was just too caught up on doing it perfect and not making mistakes. I was basically one uptight-wannabe-tatter. But thankfully this is a series of classes. And I was given this book in class to study. And study.
I have a sore throat. Mark has a sore throat. Toby kept coughing this morning, I kid you not! How is your throat? There must be something going around. Go drink some orange juice just in case. Mommy said. :o)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tatting Class Today

I am very excited. I have wanted to learn how to tat for a long time. Years actually. The Old Jail Art Center (photo in previous post), is offering a series of classes that start tonight. And my hands are working. That had been my fear. The lupus keeps moving about and I was afraid the day of the class it would be in my hands. Nope, it is in my feet. Hey as long as I can stumble along, I will be okay. I signed up last month, or maybe in November. The family gave me monies for my birthday to pay for the class too. Gotta love family that loves handmade! So this has made me smile today. Will see what I learn and share tomorrow or tonight when I get home.
The sun is shining here also. That always makes me smile!! I have to go pay a bill and go to the post office. Come one feeties....
So I hope you have something to make you smile today, even if it is just because you woke up to sunshine. Sometimes that is just enough.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Send her some blog love please.

My sister Penny is getting her blog going again, The Black Sheep Cottage. Penny, is a very talented person. She is offering workshops in soy candlemaking, hand dyeing yarn and making soap. We have a hidden secret here in Bedford, an art center. The Old Jail Art Center is actually an amazing local landmark. It is our original county jail. Built from local limestone, everyone knows where the old jail is. They now need to know what it houses! If you are in the Bedford area, check them out. Penny's classes start next week, so wish her luck!!!
Thank you everyone for the good wishes on my health too. It is a case of hurry up and wait right now. Waiting on tests results before we can go any further.
It was bitter cold this morning, 0 degrees!! I am staying bundled up for sure! Hope you are warm and toasty at your house.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movin' On

Well my 2 winners have been notified, replied and their packages ready to be mailed out. They were happy and so was I. I appreciate folks appreciating, you know what I mean. I have had a couple of drawings where the winners never replied back, even after a couple emails. Once a lady said, no thanks I don't know why I signed up, I don't like the prize. No way you say. Yes WAY!! But actually that was better than me sending it and her tossing it. But still, manners go a long way! LOLOL haven't seen Mr. Toby for awhile. He is soooo big now. Freakish long legs too. Freakish! And he is loving him some bonies. He has several laying about, better to chew on them than the poor sad recliners he has chomped on already. But please does this pic say "spoiled rotten" or what? LOL He threw his ears back right when I snapped. He got startled. Serious business chewing on bonies you know.

And I am still crocheting away. My hands are letting me, so I am staying with it. The lupus is in my feeties right now. Which is a trade off. I have enjoyed making these gloves. If they do not sell on Etsy, I will haul them to a show next fall or give them to my Miss Thing aka Miss Heather. Who is going to become a Mrs. come April 11th. Did I tell you that already?

It is pretty nippy chippy here. Temps were in the low single digits last night. Expecting lower for tonight and tomorrow. Of course I have to get out tomorrow for a long awaited doctor appointment. The liver guy. This is supposed to be a meet and greet and hopefully get some things rolling along. I need a blood transfusion and some tests ran. Just want to feel better! And if there is something to be done, well let's get it done. :o)
Hope you are warm where you are.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Thank you to all the 136 who signed up for my Whirl Into Winter Giveaway! I drew 2 names for my Wool Journal and Fob Kits. I drew today as it is my birthday. :o)

The first name I drew is Nana Barb's Musings. Barb is a new blogger from Washington, so this is fun for her! Stop by and give her some blogger love.

The second name is Terri from Bits and Pieces in Michigan! Terri is laying down those cigerettes. Go over and encourage her, she can do it!

Girls, I have posted on your blog as soon as I get your snail mail addy, I will mail out to you.

Thank you everyone for playing along with us. Hope the coming year you are blessed with health and peace.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Last Day for Drawing

I will be drawing 2 names from all the comments on the January 1st post tomorrow. :o) Feeling lucky??? LOL

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Felted Soap

I had a few questions about the process and thought I might post more here. You must use a tight stitch and 100% wool. The tight stitch ensures good shrinkage and the pure wool is a must. Acrylic yarn will not shrink just get fuzzy and stay big. I didn't use the microwave. I just used the microwavable bacon cooker thingy. I first ran very hot tap water over the crocheted bar, the worked it in my hands, then ran it back and forth over the ridges on the pan. Like a washboard. This creates the agitation of the fibers. Oh and a follow up on my convo with Mr. Mark...hey I like this soap, will you make me one? LOLOL He had washed his hands with it and loved the way it got all sudsy. He wants his own for the shower. My reply...we will see. LOL I knew he would want one. Boys!!

Don't forget to comment on the January 1st post to be entered into the Whirl Into Winter Giveaway. And today's post was my 250th one!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Felted Soap

Why you ask? Because I can. Oh I am sorry. That was my conversation with Mark. LOL Why are you doing this? (With the, this is stupid tone.) Because I can, was my reply (With the, smarty pants tone.). And I did. A bar of Dial soap, size H hook and a smidgen of wool. Then about 5 minutes of agitation in my hands and across my microwave bacon cooker (Which I have had for 3 years and keep adding to the yard sale box and then pulling it out. We do not eat bacon. Now I know why I kept it. Oh and it was something Mark bought. LOL) Wool is a great exfoliater and skin softener. Natural lanolin. And it feels so plush. It will keep shrinking around the soap with use and then when it is done, I will add the lil glob of wool to a pincushion or some such thing. No waste.

We have snow projected for the next 4 days. Lots of inside time for sure. I am craving veggie soup with chicken stock. Or some good tomato soup. Too late at night to be having food cravings! LOL But I think I need to make up a grocery list.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I just listed these on Etsy. Both are 100% wool and very soft. I have written up the pattern to sell in a pdf too. Have it being double checked for me right now. Heather loves wearing mitts as does Penny. I am going to make myself a pair of the cranberry ones next.
EDITED---I have the pdf pattern listed on Etsy now. Instant gratification in these downloadable patterns!

Don't forget to sign up on the January 1st post to enter the Whirl Into Winter drawing. We seem to be having a good turn out for it! :o) Gotta love free stuf. LOL
Everyone stay warm and dry!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Warning---Poor Photography!

More Baby Hope Chest Goodies. A granny square blankie and a sweet layette set. The blankie is Red Heart Baby Clouds. Very poofy and soft.

I love this layette set. I am sorry I do not know the yarn now. Forgot to write it down. It is a chenille though. I bought the Beatrix Potter kitty cat face buttons at Joann's. I used this same yarn to make Baby Jaidyn (scroll down to the 22nd post) a bonnet and sweater. Made an ear wamer this time with a different sweater pattern. The flowers on it are 2 layer, on the sweater, one layer.

Do not forget to comment on the January 1st post to enter our Whirl Into Winter Giveaway! Those comments are the only ones that actually count in the drawing.

I am stocked up on yarn and am in scarf mode now. Have made 5 since Christmas besides finishing up these cuties.
Hope everyone is warm and dry. It was gloomy here today but no snow. It is still early. My birthday isn't until the 13th and there is almost always snow on the ground for it. So I am thinking we have a couple good weeks yet! LOL
Take care everyone!