Saturday, October 25, 2008

Someone asked about Toby. What can I say? He is all boy! And likes his tire toy bunches. Weighs in at 19 pounds! I have been saying he is not a Yorkie-Poo but whether a Porkie. LOL

Isn't that hilarious? He looks totally possessed! Which somedays I think he is.

But then he gives me the sweet face and I think maybe we should keep him. :o)

I want to thank those that sent me personal emails about my posting I have anxiety disorder. The reason I did it was to maybe make someone else feel they are not alone out there. I have really been praying for my healing over this. If you let me know, I will pray for your healing too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still alive and kickin'. Just a working really hard for my three shows in November. And honestly, I have been feeling a bit anti-social. That is a huge admission for me to post. I suffer with anxiety disorder. There I said it. And at times, I just feel like it is best to keep to myself a bit. Except my poor family. I wear them out with my chatter. But they are my safety net. Always there for me. Bless their hearts! Anyways...
Here is a couple pics. Cause posts are boring without photographs :o) Two favorite projects I have for shows. The Hope box is painted a yummy robin's egg blue and lined with vintage paper from a 1913 sheet music book. (The book was in tatters.)

Adorned sewing tuffet. Cotton and wool tuffet attached to a fabric covered paper mache box. I handpainted a pip berry vine around the rim of the lid for an extra touch. Very heavily antiqued, with lots of buttons and vintage doo-dads.

The temps have cooled off considerably here in southern Indiana today. Drizzly rain over the night. Our trees didnt get to really change so far. Mostly just turning brown and falling off. We usually have such gorgeous autumn colors.
Someone had asked me where I was doing shows. I will be in Greenwood 11/1 (craft show), Bloomington 11/14-15 (quilt show) and Bedford 11/22 (craft show). Let me know if you would like the particulars.
Hope everyone is doing well and staying creative. Is it time to put a Christmas Countdown counter up??? :o))

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Always behind and never caught up. Heard that before? Maybe even the lil voice in your own head? LOL I will not bore you with all the details, but I am feeling better now. My wool show went great. The crowd was good and the class I taught went fine. I have 3 more shows booked for October and November.

Thanks Deb.