Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter is finally in southern Indiana. It is cold!! I have been so spoiled with not feeling the chill too much. But nope, no more. The furnace is running all the time and I keep fretting about our gas bill. We ARE blessed though with the warm weather we have had. So I need to remember that and be thankful. In all give thanks!

Here is a lil' patriotic wall hanging I finished up last week. It measures 13-inches. And contrary to my wonky photography skills, it is square. All Civil War repro fabrics on the front and red toi'le on the back. It looks big hanging on the wardrobe.

This past weekend, I have felt in a fog. Not accomplished anything but a bit of crochet work and alot of sleeping. I think it was the change in the weather maybe? Tonight I did go out to my playhouse and sew on dollie dresses. My girls are needing Valentine dresses you know. :o)
Everyone stay warm!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wool and homespun coasters are all done. I made 24 total. The black wool is 5" single layer (I started with 6", but it was too flopsy looking.), then a double sewn circle of homespun(4" sewn together. Cut a slit through a single layer. Turn right side out. Iron flat. Place slit side to the black wool.) Hand dyed wool for appliques. I used black pearl cotton #8 for the stitching. Fun and fast!
Update...thank you everyone for the emails and comments. I have placed these coasters for sale on my website. Angela

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Two finished wool applique projects. Both are actually approx the same size 26 x 32-inches. That pillow took a ton of stuffing. I did these two projects earlier in the month and forgot to post pics. Am still working on my coin purses. Started 22 wool and homespun coasters too. Simple and primitive. I like to have a lot of hand work in my to-go bag. Take it to the hospital and dr office while I am waiting on my treatments and tests. Makes the time go so much faster. I read sometimes. But NEVER anything found in a waiting room! There are sick people there you know with their own cooties. LOL I have enough of my own. So always have something at the ready to take with me.
I changed up my page again. I enjoying doing the html part of it. As soon as I found the stitching girl, I knew she was going to be my logo. Am planning new changes on my website, The Country Cellar, next. I have had the same web design for about a year now, so time for a change. I am trying to get my sisters to blog so I can make up their pages too. LOL
We have sunshine and blue/grey skies today. But sunshine is a very good thing! I stirred about and did some housework today it made me so happy. Mark said he knew I would be up and going when he got home just because the sun was out. :o)
Have a sunny day wherever you are!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Aaaah she loves me again! Last night I went out to sew and she was ready to play. Not one problem! She just had to show me who was boss I reckon. I am making these lil' quilted coin purses from an Indygo Junction pattern. Will post pics when I get the 10 that I am making done. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and encouragement.

Friday, January 19, 2007

My sewing machine is mad at me. I think she is trying to go on strike! Was birdnesting horribly tonight. Then that stopped and the tension went all wonky. Then that stopped and it started birdnesting again. Her insides have been cleaned, oiled so much it took 2 days to drain, and new needle. I am sad cause we usually have a very nice relationship. I never bang her or thump it. Yell or talk rudely. I tell her all the time that I am happy with her. That I dont need a "big girl fancy smancy machine". We have the same simple tastes and are perfect for each other. I shined her up nicely and came in from my playhouse. sighhhhhhhh I hope she misses me and will play nicely with me tomorrow.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Something to dance about?
LOL Beta here we are! I was terribly afraid I would lose everything or my archives would be gone. Makes me wonder what else I miss from being afraid. Hmmm...
Anyways, now let us see if I can do those comment replies eh?
Thank you for all the birthday wishes in emails and comments. Family and friends were so good to me! Much too good I am sure.
To Beta or not to Beta. I would like to be able to reply to comments. Sometimes it shows up anonymous with no email :o( Does Beta allow the comments? I have sent out an inquiry, but no reply from them yet. That is the only benefit I would see from all the bother. Appreciate any feedback on this one.
I am in baking mode. Well actually in eating mode I guess! LOL Mixed up a batch of sourdough bread starter tonight. I actually do not need another pet or dependent, but it just sounds sooooo yummy. Had thought to start Amish Friendship Bread also, but then came to my senses! I will be doing good to remember to feed and walk(stir) one starter, let alone two. This bread is just so good with soup and we eat lots of soup. Tomorrow we are having chili actually. My sis Debbie made broccoli/cheese/potato soup for my birthday party. Very yummy.
Everyone stay dry and warm.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Here are some picks of my booth. I got a couple different angles. For some reason the colors are very vivid. Too bright actually. My stuff is actually a tad "dirtier" in person. LOL I do the drag it in the mud and run over it look ususally. It is sadly lacking in goods right now. But I still took in 2 totes full today. So you can only imagine how poorly it was before. Here is a funny. A young friend(25) asked me if my quiltlets were supposed to match. She didnt get the concept of the scrappy look. I know now to make sure anything I do for her coordinates. I loved it. I explained the scrappy idea and she said, well you are there then. LOLOL Made me laugh, AFTER she left! I took out all the snowman stuff. No one is interested in snowmen when all we are getting is rain. Not a dab of snow yet in southern Indiana. But we sure have had the rain!!
And tomorrow is my birthday so that is my happy thought for today. I get another one, praise the Lord!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My sweet baby niece Shayla just spent a couple of days with us. She is 3 going on 13! Such a funny girl and with a "tude" of a typical 3 yr old that is for sure. We love her so much and dont see her near as much as we want to. When her parents came to pick her up, we were sitting in the floor with her jumbo lego blocks building castles. She said she wanted us to be princesses not boys but we didnt have long enough hair, cause they have to have reaallllllllllllllllllly long hair. So, we had hand towels on our head for pretend long tresses. When she comes next time, I will have princess stuff at the ready for us. Have already popped a couple of items in her lego box I have found for our next round of fairy land. Big sigh....and then they grow up.
I am back! LOL Not that I have really been gone. I gotta went into my "winter cocoon" after the Holidays. Maybe you take spells like that too? When you just kinda burrow in and arent as social as usual. Nothing is actually wrong, you just feel kinda wonky for a bit. Anyways, that spell is over. I wasnt in bed with the covers over my head the entire time! Been spending quite a bit of time in my playhouse. Here are some pics of the lil quiltlets and table mats I have made since Christmas. My plan is to set up a clothes line in my booth to display some of the on. I have some of the old clothes pins without springs I am going to try to use. I use brass mini safety pins on the back for hangers. This makes it easy if someone wishes to use them as a table/or candle mat.

I made a total of 13 for starters. None hard, just fun stuff. I am moving on now to work on dolls I think. My booth in the antique mall is quite lacking in merchandise and I am working towards a spring craft and folk art show also. Will bounce about in my crafting and quilting. At least we never get bored eh?

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me emails about my health. That is so sweet and appreciated. I am off chemo now, so yay for that. Just take everything a day at a time.