Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My giftie

From sweet Michelle at retreat. I love it! (And borrowed the pic from her blog.) All Civil War repro fabrics. Very yummy! WE love it!

Just what I needed

These ladies were so awesome. Made the retreat just a good, relaxing time. No drama. Just a lot of sewing, crafting, eating and visiting. See that lil' munchkin in the front row? She was the life of our party! The smartest 5 year old I have ever seen. I know many of the ladies really needed this time of refreshing. Plain and simple, I needed a change of scenery. I will share a few more pics soon. Trying to play catch up on my rest a bit more. 
Hope everyone is warm and well.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Better times are a'comin'

And they start tomorrow! Cause I am seeing all these friends this week! And having a bit of a virtual retreat with Michelle in Canada too. Fun times.
The long awaited November Quilt Retreat is here! Finally. Old friends and new ones too. Cannot wait to have a fun time. I need it! (And I know everyone else does too!) The past several weeks haven't been great healthwise. I hate lupus. But not gonna dwell on it tonight. Praying my body will play pretty and I can just enjoy my coming week. I plan on building my nest and parking it there. :o) Even taking my sewing machine. Which has not seen the light of day since MAY! Yes you read it here. So we will see what happens. Of course I am taking a huge stash of yarn.
The photo is the name tags I painted for everyone. Giving you a peek cause hopefully the girls are all getting rested for the drive to Indiana tomorrow and not cruisin' the net. The name tags are pretty simple, but they are what they are. Finished!!!! hahaha Which is HUGE! But then they are huge too, 4 1/2-inch long packing tags. I hadn't painted in even longer than I had sewn! Sheesh. Thank God I can crochet I am just telling ya. 
Have a sweet week everyone!