Monday, April 23, 2007

Eye Candy. What I have been working on for the fibre show in May. The make-do pincushions have a variety of bases...old door knobs, pewter and glass salt and pepper shakes (glass ones are filled with buttons), a glass jar with buttons and a silver candlestick. I used my own pattern (Primitive Make-do Pinkeep). The bunnies are holding strawberry pincushions. The pillows are embroideried using varigated red peal cotton. Tonight I worked on dressing 12 dolls. Now they are ready for faces, hair and embellishments. I love to make my grungy dolls!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yardwork and aching muscles. But much more relaxed after my weed yanking and pulling. I love working in my flowerbeds. My flesh may cry and whine, but the mental benefits are always worth it. I just seem to forget until I get started. Then I loose myself in what I am doing and start thinking on God's amazing power. If God can take care of the flowers and create all this beauty, I need to remember He can take care of me and my family. And just like the weeds I am pulling out of my flowers, I need to pull the ugly out of my own life. Worry, doubt, fear...all the things that pull down my spirit. Replace it with the beauty that God gives us all...peace, joy, eternal life. So even though my knee is saying "change the ice bag please", my mind is much calmer. Good trade I am thinking :o)

Anyways.........did you know I am going to be a great aunt? Yep...our own Hillary is blessing us with a baby in November. This would be the dd/only child to our eldest sister Debbie Jo LOLOL (She just had her birthday this past week, so couldnt resist the lil poke.) We have given her all OUR ideas for names. She told us to and I quote, get out of the 80's. I think that is hilarious! Cause to me, the 80's was like what? 5 minutes ago? LOL She said we were offering up too old fashioned names. I like old fashioned names thank you very much. :o) She wants something different and unique. So we are all on pins and needles to hear what they come up with. My dh and I suggest Mercedes Louise (Louise after my mamaw who loved Hillary to pieces.) and call her Sadie Lou. This is assuming of course the baby is a girl! LOL We are such the bossy family. Healthy healthy baby is the main priority. Then be a girl! We offered up boy names also. Just in case. She shot down those also. LOL You would think this was HER baby? I know she doesn't read this. Right Deb?????

Friday, April 20, 2007

I am so sorry. If you have a friend, family member or just know someone that knows someone involved in the horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech University. The pictures of the victims on the television is heart breaking. Much like the 9-11 memories. God bless all those left behind.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Something for me and maybe thee? Just sharing what I have been doing. I have words just come to me and then seem to stick around for a bit. People will say them, I will read them. They are just there. So I thought I would share them here with you too. Like a "word for the week" rambling kinda thing. Something to think on and maybe help me with my "funk".
Right now the word is IMAGE. What image do I have of myself, what image do I think others have of me. What do I want to improve on? What can I improve on and what is just there. Selfimage. Character traits good and bad.

Webster says
image--The opinion or concept of something that is held by the public.
The character projected to the public, as by a person or institution, especially as interpreted by the mass media.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sorry so long in posting. And thank you to everyone who has sent me emails asking just where in the world I am anyways. I think I responded to everyone, if I missed you, SORRY!
I have been in a bit of a funk. Wont go into it, but it has been an ongoing funk that I just need to give over to God to deal with.
Our folks just had their anniversary, nope this isnt them. LOL And my sis got married on their anniversary, so we had a double dip party tonight. It was quite yummy as did it breakfast style. Pancakes, biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs any and every way, sausage and turkey bacon, and all the yummy extra fixin's. We need to do our parties like this more often Debbie. It was quite good! Mom and daddy got Deb and David this cool thing. It was an electric server for dips and such. Had the center bowl with little dividers around it.
I have been working in my playhouse and someday soon I will have lots to show for it. But right now, everything is in stages. We are doing a Fibre Show in May and I am working towards that. Right now I am in dollmaking mode. Now onto dressing them. Then the faces and then the hair. Then the accessories. I purchased very cute pewter charms I am going to make into necklaces for some.
It has turned off chilly and rainy here in Indiana. Better than the snow the northeast is getting. And the wind storms the south has had. So no complaints. I just wonder how messed up my flower gardens are going to be? I am thinking some of the perennials are going to be confused. I know that is my state of mind these days. Hope everyone is healthy and warm.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bunny pincushions! And they keep multiplying! LOL I had fun with these. They are completely hand stitched, made from wool and have needlefelted poofy tails. I started with one and now like typical rabbits, I have six! :o) A couple lil gifties for exchanges and popped them on Etsy also. I really enjoy stitching wool, the needle loves it. Don't you love the toy/salesman sample sewing machines? I have 3 and could have 30!

Crocheting is my therapy. Making doilies specifically is. I do not use a pattern and it is simply mindless busywork for me. Making doll clothes and socks is a bit more. I have to count! LOL And that makes it work you know. But it is still therapy. The dress is made from Bernat baby yarn. It was a bit of a bugger because the yarn seperated so badly. I was very pleased with the results though. I adapted it from an American Girl pattern. My Claire is only 14" tall, compared to the 18" AG dolls. The socks I crochet from pearl cotton thread. These are the largest ones I make (for my Rosette dolls). They are approx 1 5/8" from heel to toe. The smallest I make are 1 3/8" and much shorter, they are for Bleuette.
Do you realize Easter is next Sunday? We are just now making our plans and menu. I have Easter dinner at my house. Debbie has Thanksgiving. We are in a dessert rut. So many are diabetic and we have Jello cake every time. Blech, tired of it! I am thinking to go searching for something else. Do you have a good low/no sugar dessert recipe to share? We would appreciate any ideas!!