Friday, January 09, 2009

Felted Soap

Why you ask? Because I can. Oh I am sorry. That was my conversation with Mark. LOL Why are you doing this? (With the, this is stupid tone.) Because I can, was my reply (With the, smarty pants tone.). And I did. A bar of Dial soap, size H hook and a smidgen of wool. Then about 5 minutes of agitation in my hands and across my microwave bacon cooker (Which I have had for 3 years and keep adding to the yard sale box and then pulling it out. We do not eat bacon. Now I know why I kept it. Oh and it was something Mark bought. LOL) Wool is a great exfoliater and skin softener. Natural lanolin. And it feels so plush. It will keep shrinking around the soap with use and then when it is done, I will add the lil glob of wool to a pincushion or some such thing. No waste.

We have snow projected for the next 4 days. Lots of inside time for sure. I am craving veggie soup with chicken stock. Or some good tomato soup. Too late at night to be having food cravings! LOL But I think I need to make up a grocery list.


Pat said...

Now, wait.....tell me exactly how you do this...sounds like a good idea. Will it only work, though, with fiber that is 100% wool???

Connie W said...

This is clever of you!
I love veggie soup made with chicken stock too...sounds like great comfort food for this weather. Wish we lived a few miles closer together so we could stitch together and have our soup...sounds nice :>)

Conni said...

Tell your hubby Johnson and Johnson makes a similar product for children. It is soap wrapped in cloth so it does not slip out of their little hands!! Your idea is not so stupid, huh!! LOL!!!

Beverly said...

How does the soap/wool/microwave work? It sounds very interesting...but I'm a bit lost!

Veggie soup with chicken stock? That sounds SO good, and it's not even cold here!