Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Computer glitches...I take them too hard. That is my diagnosis. My web site went down this week. It is still not really fixed. The server gave it a quick fix they said. :o( I got all shook up and focused on it. Can you say obsessed? And as the oldest sister says...breath. So I am breathing.

Anyways...LOL I am happy. We are going on our annual sister outing on Friday to a quilt show. Indiana Heritage Quilt Show I think we have gone maybe 5 years or so now. Used to be the only place I could get pearl cotton and I was all about that. Had to be my first stop and then I could lookyloo around. See, another "breathe moment". Seem to have alot of them. The quilts are always so spectacular. We always enjoy the vendors too of course. They are having a special exhibit called "Men of Biblical Proportion". Curious about that. Wish it wasnt so pricey to get into the shows. Cuts into the fun money. I havent sewn or crafted any this week much. Have been working on the Etsy shoppe. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad they wish to share about Etsy?

And here is a lil funny to end the post. A new "sisters pic". LOL I love my sisters if you cannot tell. This is one of those computer composites of what we look like in our glory days. Ok. Not really. But still which one are YOU? I think I am the third one. She looks more kind (for lack of a better word) and doesnt seem to have quite as strong an old lady smell as the others. I am thinking her cookies taste better too. :o))

Friday, February 23, 2007

I do not know if I will ever post another picture that got more attention than the last one! LOL My sisters got a kick out of it, even the girls who are the "adopted" sisters in the family. Such fun picking out who was who and who MIGHT be the donkey.

Warmer temps are hear, so I will be good about not complaining about chill bains and such now. Will wait until it gets all hot and nasty till I start complaing about the weather again. :o) My kitties are not ready to give up their heating pad yet though. Mark put it up thinking it was warmer, and Miss Lydia pitched a major hissy fit. My baby girl is a 13 year old Persian. And is the Princess of Everything for sure. Yep her eyes really do glow like that. They are gorgeous.

Well I have opened an Etsy shop. Posting patterns and my completed folk art. Have a pile of things to take pics of. So please give it a lookyloo now and then and see what we are doing. Hoping to get more exposure and help my website along.

Mark got the flu this week, can you say hotel? LOL That is definitely where I wanted one of us to go. Cause I just plaine ole do not want it! But I was the good wife and took care of him. It wasn't that bad once he got home from work. Like a 24 hour thang. But he sure felt rough. Boys take things rougher than girls I think too.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Me and my sisters! LOL Not really. I just thought it was an appropriate pic to have! Girls you can pick which one you are. :o)
We are expecting snow and ice tomorrow. Have to go to the dr early to get it over with. Havent did a single thing this weekend except try to sleep off my headache. Unbelievable I have slept as much as I have. Makes me feel cranky to know all the work I could have been getting done, but no help for it. Mark was mopey too, so we both were basically bums. The kitties and I just snuggled in and that was that.
I am in the mood for fresh greens. Just a plain lettuce and tomato salad sounds so good to me. It is soup weather I know, but something fresh is what I am wanting. Will have to add that to the grocery list for next time. That and strawberry icecream!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Here is a pic of some of my pincushions. Most of these are either gifts or received from pincushion exchanges with my quilting group, Backporch Friends. We are finishing up another exchange there, so I will have new pics to post soon. These ladies simply outdo themselves in creating. It is such a fun exchange.
Have been working hard on making dollie dresses for eBay this week. I really enjoy making these dresses for Hitty and Bleuette. I know it is so "girly", but hey I am working out of my stash! LOL
The temps are in the 20's daytime and single digits at night. BUT the sun has really been shining, and that makes everything better. Gloomy grey days are so blahhhhh. So yay for sunshine even if it is cold. I found my own happy thought. LOL

Monday, February 05, 2007

Here is my latest mini quilt. It measures 6 x 9-inches. I have it on eBay with Bleuette's matching dress. You can go HERE to take a peek. This set was hard to put up to sell, I only had a fq of the notions fabric and had bought it for myself.
It got down to 0 degrees here this morning. Snow is on the way they say, so no end to the cold in sight I am thinking. I am heading out to my playhouse to sew in just a bit, will be very bundled up don't you know! The tea kettle is whistling right now. I am filling my big gulpy cup with hot cocoa and having cheesie bread toast for supper. YUM
Again, stay warm everyone! :o)

Well it is 4am and 0 degrees~! Crazy stuff. Watched the Colts (yah for the home team) win the Super Bowl wearing way more clothes than ususal. Sitting on the couch wrapped in a quilt with flannel pj bottoms, a thermal shirt, a hoodie with the hood on my head cause my ears were cold and 2 thick pairs of socks. AND a cat! LOL And still cold. I have the sniffles, Mark has a raspy throat and more cold weather coming in. We are just whiney. Well cold and then his truck is really broke. Like $1,200 worth of broke. Hard to make lemon aide from lemons in this cold weather. So maybe snowcones from snow? The truck is parked til funds are saved and so we are a single vehicle family right now. Managable, if not convenient. Anyways.....yah for those Colts. I am so not a football gal, but these are the "hometown" boys, so we gotta root for them you know. Although the Grossman kid is from a town just 20 miles north of here and his dad has been my dad's eye dr for years. But still, Indy is in IN and the Bears live in IL. All about logistics I guess :o) I did sew this weekend. Made two Bleuette dresses to go on eBay this week. And a lil matching quilt for one of them from the scrappies.
I will sign off with my usual....everyone stay warm!