Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thank you for all the emails about Heather. The prayers have been greatly appreciated. We go to the doctor today. Will let you know what they say.

Did you notice the Pincushion Exchange list? I am tickled with so many signing up. Deadline to join us is July 1st. So if you are setting on the fence about playing, hop on off! LOL

This is a pic of pink yarrow from one of our flower gardens. the poor thing had practically gotten snuffed out by black eyed susans. It has been given space now and should thrive better. It is such an airy plant. The foliage reminds me of asparagus fern it is so delicate. Mark is trying to get the flower gardens in order as time allows. They have been sorely neglected this year! He is off the week of the 4th and working on them is on the top of his "man plan". I have been adding to it as I think of little jobs. Have to keep him busy or he will drive me bonkers you know. :o)

Hope everyone has a lovely day.


Pieces From Me said...

Continuing to pray for your daughter. Let us know how it went at the doctor.

Beverly said...

I'm so glad your daughter is on the road to recovery. Keep us posted.

And a husband that gardens...really?

Niki said...

I found you thru the Q4P blogring! hello fello quilt blogger :) Niki

Patty said...

Praying all is well with Heather.

Pam said...

I hope the visit with the doctor goes well and Heather heals quickly.

I am not joining the pincushion exchange as I will be away most of July. Looks like you have tons of interest. I wish I could have joined - maybe next time.