Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Daddy is the best daddy in the whole world.
And that is the truth! This picture was taken yesterday at my house. He was feeling a tad sassy! LOL This is such a good picture of him. We had dinner of lasagna, breadsticks, broc/cauliflower in ranch dressing, green beans/potatoes and Jello cake. It was all quite yummy. Wish the green beans had been garden fresh! Mom said my uncle had snap beans about an 1inch long. So they are coming along. And thankfully he shares with her and she shares with us. We will also get some from the Farmer's Market. Speaking of which, we did that on Saturday and did sooooo much better! It is not a craft or fibre show and that is my mentality when it comes to setting up. I am looking for the money and more people. So have had to settle down about that! But we did so much better $$$ wise. I was very well pleased. Dolls and stitchery pillows were the popular items. We also took our baked goodies. My mom even made cookies for us. So we ended up with fudge (butterscotch and tropical), choc no bakes, choc cake mix cookies, brownies in cupcake papers, apple oat muffins and mini loaves, coconut macaroons and not much left at all! What there was, was shared amongst us. And Penny sold some of her gorgeous hand dyed wool yarn. So all in all, we did good. The only drawback to me doing this is that I am done in for the day when it is over. After we get home, put everything away, I have to go to bed for the rest of the day. The family time is good fun. We always laugh alot and that is healthy living right? LOL That and the yummy cinnamon bagel Mark bought me with raspberry cream cheese in the middle. :o)
I am tickled to pieces about the great turn out for the Pincushion Exchange. There is still plenty of time to join us. The swapper's list is in the sidebar of the blog. Where are all you USA gals?? LOL If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email and ask.
And yay we are getting rain today!! The gardens and hayfields are so dry. It has been crazy hot and humid also. So that is my happy thought for the day! :o)


Anonymous said...

Your dad looks so happy! Congratulations on winning Patty's soap/candle contest - you lucky girl :-) Good luck with your pincushion swap - I won't do it myself even though it would be great fun as I'm committed to other things but I hope it's successful for everyone who does get involved.

Anonymous said...

You're right! We do have the best Daddy in the whole world! You can tell in the photo he had been up to no good. LOL

Beverly said...

Your dad looks so sweet!

Su Bee said...

Oh goody -- I just signed up for the pincushion swap - what fun!
I received some of Pattys soap last year and it was pure heaven, eaasily the best soap I've ever had. Enjoy!