Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please pray for Brianna. Go HERE to read her story. This could be our child or little sister. She needs all our prayers. What started out as huge as transcended even that!
UPDATE 6/15---Precious Brianna has been declared brain dead and will be removed from life support . Please remember the family in the coming days.

I have been stitching up a new pattern this week. One of my doodles. Doing it in variegated redwork. Have one more section to finish and then I will show you the before quilted pic. It is Christmas too! And here we are in our hottest week. When I get it completed I will be asking you to help me name it. If your idea is chosen, I will send you a free pattern! Thought this might be fun. And a give-a-way to boot perhaps.

Mark has been working in our shambles of flower beds this week. We always purchasee "homegrown mulch". It has wood chippings and horse manure. And our flowers LOVE it.Well last year the batch we got had sooooo many weed seeds in it. Weeds we have never even seen before! And grass out the waaazzzzzzooooo. And of course it got away from us. Mark started out the season helping his sister with a new house purchase and all that entails. And me, well I was just being my usual sicky self. I went crazy with my spray bottle of salt and bleach water and killed a bunch of it. Cheaper and faster than weed killers you can buy. If you want a slow kill, just use super strong salt water. I went for instant gratification and added the bleach. Hopefully by next weekend, this will be much better. And then you will get pics. :o)
And I just read where Ruth Graham passed away. What an amazing couple!


Pam said...

After reading this post last night I sat up and read about Brianna - starting at the beginning. It was so sad to get up this morning and find that Brianna has lost the battle she was fighting for so hard. Such very sad thing for her family. It is always so heart wrenching when someone so young dies. I will say a prayer for her family.