Thursday, June 07, 2007

Here is a made-up of our Raggedy Ann BOM. This is January. Why cold weather when it is so hot you might ask? LOL Cause we wanted to use the yummy pearl cotton I had! Michelle almost completed it while she was here and I finished it up tonight. Will make it into a pillow as a sample of the pattern. It is stitched on the Springmaid version of "Sandcastle" fabric. I love this fabric because it is prequilted and a heavier texture. You can carry your threads on the back without them showing through. Moda always carries their version. It isnt free, a bit pricey, but so worth it to me. I dyed the fabric with RIT tan dye before stitching. We used Valdani pearl cotton thread size #12 in a wonderful blue variegated #M5. This thread is so soft. and not as tightly woven it seems to me as the DMC. I love this color for blue work.
Our temps have gone back up. The wind is blowsy like we are in Kansas or something! Mark has been working in the flower beds/yard a bit each night. I just sat tonight and watched him. How crazy is that. I have pulled weeds a few minutes each night, but my head gets completely wonky. I actually love working and pulling weeds. Makes me feel close to God. But right now, well I have to feel close to Him sitting on the grass. Or as Penny so sweetly put it, I will be kissing slugs! UGH!


Pam said...

That is a very cute little angel. I have never really done any needlework like that. Maybe one day I should give it a try. There are so many incredibly cute little stitcheries out there every where.

I've never seen the Sandcastle fabric before. I can imagine that it would be nice to have the extra layers to hold the stitches. And the stitching wouldn't show through so easily. Does it just come in white?

Sometimes sitting on the grass is just the best place to be. I hope you feel less wonky soon :))

Wendy said...

I love doing stitchery on any fabric. Your angel is really cute. I look forward to seeing more.

Angie said...

She's soooo cute!! I just bought some of the Valdani variegated thread a couple of months ago and haven't used them yet, but they are wonderful!