Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Anne are you? :o)

How Anne are You?

I love this site. I am thinking an Anne video marathon is needed. I just read through all the books lately.

Did you happen to notice the new header? I worked it up tonight. The mini block is 3 1/2" and made by Michelle while she was here. We are using it in another project, but I wanted to enjoy it now. I did it all on my scanner.

Felt better today and cleaned the house a bit. Chased the dust bunnies anyways from one corner to the other. Had been awhile and they were so comfortable they were having parties and obviously inviting their friends over.

We posted another block swap over at Backporch Friends. This one is a Pantry Swap with food in jar blocks. Feel free to join the yahoo group and come play with us. The ladies are the sweetest of sweet there. And the quality of our swaps is excellent! If I do say so myself. Another big :o)))

The weather has been wonderful yesterday and today. Springlike. Turned the ac off and loving having the windows up. The temps are to be back up by weekend, but that is then!


Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by Steven's journey and wishing him well in his recovery from this surgery.

I love the pictures of your quilting and other handiwork. They are beautiful!

Anne said...

Hi! Love the Anne of Green Gables books, but not much of an Anne myself (although the name would testify different, *lol*) I only got a 40% :o(