Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank you Christine, Marisa and Tanaya for joining me in Pay It Forward. I will be sending out to you very shortly! Not the crazy year that they say. That would be cruel to make you wait for a lil gifty that long. LOL

It is horribly hot and humid here in Indiana. I am so thankful for central air. The bill will be hard to pay, but this is money well spent. I take heat much harder than being cold. My lupus just says "NO I refuse to play pretty in this crazy heat. Keep me inside or forget it." LOL So, inside we are staying pretty much. My wrist is getting much better. I am wearing my splint now mostly just at night or while on the computer. Yay for healing bones.

Sis is doing pretty good too. The therapist has really been pushing her. They have included a ball now into her therapy. Any changes in her therapy routine make Heather happy. Just the little things even. Today she was trying to move small items (marbles, washers, bolts, coins...) around in a bowl of rice. They also do ultra sound each time to try to break up the scar tissue. She has so much built up already on those figure ligaments. It is really hindering her moving her fingers (manually, she cannot do it herself). Definitely another surgery within 4 months or so I imagine. We go back to the surgeon on the 16th. Speaking of surgeries, please say and a prayer and keep the happy thought for my sister Penny. She has foot surgery in the morning to repair a torn Achilles. I am hapy she will be staying here with us for awhile. Our mom has had 3 foot surgeries in the past few years. So we are all in the know about what comes next. Lots of pain meds and staying in bed! LOL I am glad I am home and can spoil her a bit. Penny has always tried to do whatever she could for me and I have a chance now to repay her a little tiny bit. So prayers and happy thoughts for all those at Casa Sickie!! LOL We are having a time of it. Did I mention that my other sister Debbie is in a wrist brace for carpal tunnel? LOL Doesn't it just make you wanna be adopted into our family? :o)

And to end on a happy is my baby girl Lydia. On her bed (sorry Michelle) and her towel. If Gracie gets on that towel, into the floor it goes and the pouting begins. Lydia will be 14 in October. Hard to believe! She is a full Persian with the attitude to prove it!


Toni said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...your cat sure looks happy on her towel...thanks for stopping by my blog..Toni

Beverly said...

Sorry it's so hot up there! We never had central air when I was growing up!

Hope everyone is on the mend.

Pam said...

Good to hear that Heather's therapy is going well. It sure is a bit of a struggle for her, and then needing another surgery. Hopefully everyone heals quickly and you are feeling better as well. I find the heat is alway much more difficult to bear than cold. You can always put on another sweater if you are cold but it is so hard to get away from the heat.