Saturday, August 25, 2007

I really am working in my playhouse. :o) Here are a couple photographs to prove it. This is a really large shelf. The top holds my wool collection. (Did I ever tell you that felt scares me? I think it feels so eewie. I cannot stand to touch it. Call me crazy.) The next shelves hold bits and pieces of my inventory. See that old Singer on top? I salvaged it from the dump! It was covered in black shoe polish. No joke. I used a garden hose and Mean Green outside to get the worst off. Then shined it up. The wheel turns and the needle goes up and down. I tried it on a bit of leather once. If I ever get a chance to make shoes for my Bleuette dollies, I will use it to make the soles. But for now, I just enjoy looking at it and try to keep the cobwebs beat off it. One of the good things about this shelf being so tall, no one can really see the top! LOL

I hadn't posted anything quilty in forever. But here you go. Quilted purses or rug hooker's pockets. I foundation pieced the heart center (5 x 7-inches), adding the sashing and a solid piece of blue wool for backing. They are lined in neutral prints. Machine quilted a grid with a thin Pelon batting. I worked the fronts totally from my scrap bag. These would be handy for rug hookers to keep their scissors, hooks and "worms" (cut wool strips) or snippets (the bits trimmed off as you hook).
Penny treated us to pizza tonight. I teased her about "paying her rent". Nice not cooking and heating up the house. It is still very hot here and no rain.
Oh and did you know that refrigerator light bulbs really can go out? LOL Our's did and I thought the frig was broke. Completely freaked me out. Hush, I can hear you laughing!


Angie said...

Girl, you are soooo creative...and I love everything you do---and your playhouse!!! Oooooh, I wanna come play with you!! LOL I love those heart bags! I can't get to your Fall show but would you consider selling me one of those? And your BC raggedy ann dolls are just tooo cute! So do tell, girlfriend, how much is the dollie and the bag???? :>

Pam said...

Those are really cute little bags :)) You make such nice things!!

I'm not a big fan of felt either, wool feels so much nicer.

Beverly said...

I am amazed that your "play" area is so neat and organized! And it looks so sweet! I love it!

I can't stand to touch felt. I bet if people started fessing up, most would also admit to not liking felt.

marisa said...

Lovely your hearth bag.

Cheryl said...

The heart bag is way cute!