Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodmorning sunshine. :o) In our family that is a standard wake up greeting. Then if that doesnt work, we go into a chorus of "wake uupppppppppppppppppp little rosebud, wake upppppppp...." in a horrible singsong voice. Today it is a goodmorning day. Penny and I are off to the dr. Her to go to the allergist to get her shots and me to my general practioner to get my shtos (vitamin and pain) and bloodwork for the week. It seems to be much less humid today. Hope it stays that way. Yesterday it was a 14 day record of over 90 temps in a row. Blech.
I am praying for all those families in Utah for their miners rescue. I havent heard anything today about it. Last week here in Indiana there were 3 killed in Princeton.
Will post again later today. Just wanted to give you a goodmorning start to your day!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It has been hot, hot hot here in Missouri! Yesterday we hit 102.5, but today it is only a chilly 99! LOL!