Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot hot and hotter. That is what we are having here. With a heat index right now of 110 my poor central is just not shutting off.
Penny is doing very well, thank you again to those who have asked. She sees the dr on Thursday. Hopefully she will get the cast off at 4 weeks. Heather was here tonight with new toys. She had received a new splint today and some putty stuff to work her fingers. I gave her the spongy part of some of my curlers to put over pencils and pens. This really helped her hold them in her right hand much better. She is left handed and that is the booboo hand. Using her right hand to write has been a struggle. When she showed me her writing though, it looked really good. :o)
I have been out in my room working on dolls for the upcoming show in September. Am anxious to show them to you. I am working on a bit of a theme right now.
Everyone stay safe and cool.


Beverly said...

It's been hot, hot and hotter here this week! Of course it's hot all year, and very hot in the summer, but this week, for some reason, is unbearably hot!

Soon it will be September...

I love your projects! I can't wait to see pictures of the dolls!