Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Busy times here. Penny got her cast off and is in a walking boot thingy. She has done so well. Cast is off at least 2 weeks early! The doctor has said Heather will have her next surgery in November to clean up the scar tissue so she will get move movement in her hand. The scar tissue has glued up her ligaments. The doctor seems pleased with the nerve regrowth. Thought it was on track. So that was a good thing.
I am working every day towards my shows. Dolls right now still. These are not pink. (Those that know me know the pink is not my norm.) These babies are nice and dark and primitive. (Happy now Michelle? LOL) I did happily realize that I have one more week than I thought til the September show. That was a nice moment!! I can use more of those. :o)
Hey Pincushion Exchange ladies. Unfortunately, we had one lady that has bailed. And she had received from BOTH her partners. I hope that is all. If you have not received or heard from your partner, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


Chookyblue said...

oh that is not good Angela I have sent you a private email

Beverly said...

Show us the new dolls! I loved the pink ones, by the way!

Thanks for sharing your craft. It's always beautiful.

Pam said...

Good to hear everyone is getting better. Sounds like you are busy. I loved the pink dolls, I agree that you need to show us the new dolls :))