Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hey all you Pincushion Exchange swappers!
Now that I have your attention...LOL Have you sent and received from your partner? If not, please give me a hollar and your partner also. These were to have been mailed out on August 1st. I have stressed all along the importance of communication with each other. If you are running behind, please do not think "Oh I hate to send out now, it is too late." It is never too late to fullfill a commitment :o) And you know that old adage, better late than never. I have had several ask about another round, that will happen if this one ends on a happy note. So let's us all sing together...happy happy joy joy!! And that is all the silly I have for tonight.


May Britt said...

QUI have both posted to and reiceived from my swap partner. And I'm so happy I joined this exchange.

Chookyblue said...

I have swapped andreceived my pincushion and just need to finish up needle case I have been emailing my partner