Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catchin' up

Isn't this adorable? I received it from Kim in our Autumn Friendship Exchange over at my Hand-Dids group. It is a Crabapple Hill pattern. LOVE it! Some of the embroidery is satin stitch over wool. Really makes it pop! I am still working on her's and my other partner, Vickie. Who has a newly released blog. She has kept it in lurkdom for sometime, but is "out" now. hahaha Send her some blog love if you get the chance.
I have been taking treatments for my liver (It might possibly help my lupus also.). Infusions once a week that are partially chemo, about 1/2. No appetite except for toast and applesauce. Penny picked me up a jar of Nutella and I have only ate out of it once! But my pneumonia is getting better. It just doesn't take much for these junky lungs of mine to get junkier.

My fur babies sunbathing. Timmy is really growing! I had a canning jar of flowers on the dining room table. Had being the key word here. He would pluck one out and then toss it over the edge. Meow his lil head off (He is a major crybaby by the way.) Until he got Toby's attention. Who would promptly chew it up. Teamwork! I can just imagine that he is saying to Toby, " Hey Bubby. Hey Bubby. Wanna lil snackie?? Come and get it!". hahaha They are constantly playing chase and chewing on each other. Timmy starts it just as much as Toby. Poor ole Lydia wants no part of either of them. I am so afraid she is about to go across Rainbow Bridge. She will be 16 next month. That is terribly old for a Persian.

Hopefully we will be zoo bound on Saturday. IFFFFF it isn't rainy as it has been all week since Sunday. Just will have to see what happens.

I am going to be posting about the Quilt Camp/Retreat I am hosting in November 2010 soon. I have hosted an annual one with my Backporch Friends girls since 2001. This one will have those from that group who can make it and is open to the public. It is limited and I have some signed up already. Just want to have my wits about me when I post. Might be a day or so or year! :o)

Loving this drag/resize thingy on the pics. Very handy! Thank you Blogger. This is a great free service. I really appreciate it.

Well off to take another rest. Tootles from a rainy Indiana.

ps: I got my first blog spam today on 3 posts. What is up with that? I just deleted it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about Vickie, I just came from visiting her blog. I hope you get to make the visit to the zoo. We'll be in the city for our annual convention - thingy. In spite of the fun and seeing old friends, I'd be just as happy here at home too, especially if it rains. Keep on taking care and get ALL WELL, ya hear?

Stellar Creations said...

Hey Angela.. hope you are feeling better. I've been out of the loop for awhile so now I'm playing catch up. I'd love to sign up for your retreat.. I need to check my yahoo groups and see why i haven't been receiving my messages. Oh.. and I bought one of your patterns at my local quilt store the other day.. I don't think the owner believed me when I said I was in a swap with you last year.. lol. I got the polite smile. Ha. Anyway.. I do hope you are okay.

Big hugs,

Alice I. said...

Hey Ange! I sure hope you are feeling better real soon. Get your rest! I got a chance to visit Vickie's blog today, by the way. Very cute! Love the monkeys. Don't feel like the lone ranger on the spams. I got three spam comments today too! And they were written in an Asian language. I was able to delete but I can't believe spammers are now hitting blogs too! I tell ya, I can't turn my back for a second! Take care kiddo!

TattingChic said...

WOW! It sounds like a stellar retreat! I would save all year just to go to that and I don't even quilt. Gosh, I wish there was a tatting know what Angela, if you have a tatting retreat there I will come for sure!!! I would LOVE to go to a place like that for a tatting event...everything...meals, accomodations...the actual event...all right there! WOW!

Very cool! Where are you guys, Indiana? Okay, well, I'd go anyway...ha ha, not that there's anything wrong with Indiana, I just don't know anyone there...and that's why I don't usually go to those tatting conferences, but a "retreat", NOW we're talking!!!

Have fun at your fabulous quilting retreat. You are probably getting a chuckle out of my excitement, LOL! I'm green with envy.

~TattingChic ♥

Sharon said...

Good Morning Angela!

Your Autumn quilt is just beautiful! What a blessing. And someone sure looks cozy :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway. It has been a blessing to me to hear how faithful the Lord has been to everyone.

Have a wonderful day!


❦TattingChic said...

Ha ha ha! How did my comment about your quilt camp-retreat end up on the kitty cat nap post!?! LOL! Obviously I wasn't very observant when I wrote it, LOL! The kitties taking a nap are soooo cute! ☺