Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn 2010 Quilt Camp/Retreat

Here are the basics.

Autumn Quilt Camp/Retreat
November 10-14, 2010 Wed. noon - Sun. morning
Camp Camby Conference & Retreat Center Camby, Indiana

Camp Camby is located a short distance from Indianapolis International airport. I am guessing approx. 20 minutes. It is off Highway 67. A Nazarene church camp, sitting on a gorgeous wooded lot. Each room has 2 queen size beds, sofa, refrigerator, tv, sitting area and of course, bathroom. Very spacious rooms.

Here are a couple pics of the rooms. Wireless internet is also available.

This is a large facility that could possibly have multiple functions at the time of our retreat. They have a dining hall that will cater our meals. The food is all very nice and there is a variety. It is a cafeteria style menu. You go through once, picking and choosing and they fill your plates. Then after everyone is done, you may go back again. We will have 3 meals a day provided. Thursday - Saturday, and Sunday breakfast (except lunch on Saturday which is designated shopping time). We will not have a menu ahead of time. They do not take special orders. They are not set up to accommodate this. Please do NOT ask. We will have frigs in our individual rooms where you can stash individual snackies and any extra's you might want. As always, we will have a snack/drink (tea, soda pop, coffee and bottled water) bar set up full time. Gotta love the wonderful kitchen they have for our use attached to our sewing room. There is a business area about 5 miles south with many fast food restaurants and a WalMart. Know how you girls love your WallyWorld! :o)
Our sewing room is a separate building. They call it the conference center. It will provide us with 2 per banquet table, cushy chairs, 2 table cutting stations, snack/drink bar, floor space and plenty of walking room. We will not be cramped. Natural light as well. All the buildings are connected with courtyards and paved walkways.

Here is the cost breakdown.
The cost per person for 2 to a room for 4 nights and 9 complete meals is $220.

The cost is the same whether you come for 4 or 3 nights. The same with the meals. It is a fixed rate. I have to send in a deposit with the contract. And they want the contract back as soon as possible to hold so many rooms and the conference center. The cost is broken into 3 payments. If for some reason, you cannot come after you have made a payment, you will need to find your own replacement (approved by Angela) to receive your monies back. I might have names to help you with also.

First payment is due November 1st, 2009
Second payment is due March 1st, 2010
Final payment is due August 1st, 2010
$73.33 each payment

I can accept credit/debit card payments. Just let me know and I can send you an invoice. I am charged a 4% fee which I need to pass on to you.

No profanity, smoking or alcohol is permitted on the church camp property.
This is women's only gathering.

I will be hostessing our annual Spring Retreat in May, 2010.
Space is very limited. Reservations are on a first pay basis. Why sign up so early you ask? Cause baby these places book years in advance!! We found favor by getting 2 dates in 2010.
We have a yahoo group set up for all the chatter, files and optional exchanges and swaps. Once you have committed, you will be sent added to that group.
So what do ya think? :o)
Shoot me an email with questions and to sign up. You know you wanna!


Laura-IH said...

I want to go so bad, but I can't! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! : (

Milah said...

I have been thinking about this all day.....I'm not sure if I can juggle it or not, I will have to get back with you in a few days.

What kind of turnout do you normally have? Does it book up fast? Feel free to email me.


Valerie said...

Oh how fun? Is this the one that Connie will be at? Do you have it every year? This would be a dream for me but right now at this point in life I just can't do it. I can't wait to hear more about it though. I can dream, can't I????
Watch for my Give Away Announcement tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Oh if I just lived a little closer I would be tempted to sign up. I hope you have a wonderful retreat and all goes well.