Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. For some reason I have only received into my mail box a portion of your comments. I was happily surprised when I look at the blog! :o) And then I realized this was my 176 post, so that means another Give-A-Way for the 200th.

Yesterday we had gorgeous sunshine! Oh it was nice to wake up to. I tried to work in the flower gardens a bit clearing out the winter foliage. Didnt do but a tiny bit. I didnt realize how sore my ribs still were until I was doing the bending so low and moving. So I sat on the porch swing and watched the birds instead. :o) Just wanted to be outside. The weather is cloudy and cold today. Whatever!!

I have been wanting a pie. Some kind of cream pie. I havent made a sugar cream for years. Anyone have a yummy recipe to share? If you post it on your blog I will link to you. And I have ben wanted homemade tapioca pudding. I have to get out today and think I will run in and get some pearls. I only like the small ones. The large ones kinda choke me for some reason. I used to eat this alllll the time. Me and my crazy stomach. Can you see a trend here of bland foods? :o)

Here is another site I joined. It is not a "selling" place but more an informational group. Primitive Peddler is owned by Cathy Jackson and she is super to work with. I would suggest anyone that is selling online get with her. It is a new site, but I think it will be a benefit.

So dont forget to post until Saturday to be entered in the Give-A-Way. The info is in the last post.

Hope you have sunshine wherever you are. And if it isnt in the sky, well we will just have to make our own! :o) Instead of the old saying, pretty is as pretty does. I think the one for the day is, sunny is as sunny does.


Erin said...

Hey there! I came over from Linda's site and am glad I found you! Thanks for the info on the Peddler..I am going to join! I love your site! I will put you on my site..


Stacy A. said...

Angela, what a prize your stitchery patterns will be for the lucky winner. They really are special! The Christmas ones are so sweet they make my teeth hurt! I am so glad I happened on by. I will put a link up tonight. Love Stacy

Karrin Hurd said...

I love your site, your stichery patterns are wonderful!

peggy said...

Love to go visit your blog and shop to see what you are creating.
I've set up a link to yours on my blog....

3anklebiters said...

looks like you've been busy and plan to stay busy. good luck with the selling sites. i'm just getting around to creating an etsy site this weekend.

De said...

Hi Angela

Love your designs! Sugar cream pie - never heard of it! I guess thats the white pie you see in the movies!

Deb said...

hey girlfriend!
popping in to say hello! got all my orders from you! love them all! thanks!

Joann said...

I've been itching to get out in the garden too! :) But I've been away and now it's cold and rainy.