Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miss Jaidyn. The lil stinker would not smile for the camera, but was smiles all the rest of the visit. Teaching me who is boss at 4 months~oh my! What will 6 months be like. LOL


Needled Mom said...

But....she is adorable anyway.

kutiekare said...

My DGD (5mos old) does the same thing. My theory is that she can't see my face when I hold the camera up to take a picture and my face is what she reacts to, to smile. It's just my thought.

Janera said...

Too cute! Love her name, too.

Conni said...

Jaidyn has beautiful squishy cheeks!! Makes you just want to kiss 'em!!

SweetAnnee said...

SWEET IS DARLING..and yes..she's boss!!

kiss and hug her for me..deena

Pam said...

She sure is a little sweetie even when she isn't smiling!!

Is you hand better now? I hope it gets better quickly!

www.prayingforparker.com said...

What a beauty! Even with such a serious look on her face. :)

And you are one talented Mom! I am simply in awe.

To answer your question, a trach friendly quilt is one done in a woven cotton fabric (rather than fleece, minky, etc.) that is NOT tied with yarn or ribbons but has been either machine or hand quilted.

Trached kids have to be careful with the fibers that they use. They have to stay away from material that can shed fibers that can be inhaled into their trachs...and thus straight into their lungs.

This is especially important for Parker as he already deals with chronic lung disease.

I put quilts down on the floor for Parker to play on so that I don't have to worry about small things from the carpet getting into his trach.

We take quilts on each doctor stay and hospital stay as his 'something from home.'

And, of course, I use quilts to comfort him and wrap him up in at night. :)

Thank you so much for visiting Parker's blog. And I hope your poor hand is healing! That looks quite painful!

kjquilts said...

Our babies do the same thing! As soon as the camera comes out they stop doing everything! She is adorable! Love those beautiful eyes!