Friday, April 18, 2008

I had a great day today. One of the bestest in two forevers. I told someone, we need these once in awhile to help us through those nonbestest ones don't ya know. :o) The weather was simply gorgeous. The birds were everywhere in the yard. I saw 4 male cardinals on my fence.
Poor Mark came home with a whopping headache. He works a full time job and then an almost full time, part time one also. The man is not lazy. Trying to cut back his hours some cause it is just too much. He needs a whole day off on the weekends to recharge his batteries I think.
Today I was on the phone and internet so much it seemed. Have all the last minute, small details worked out for our quilting retreat. I am so excited. My online quilting group, Backporch Friends will be coming to Indiana mid-May. We skipped last year and I missed it so much. The ladies are awesome and we have the best time. Lots of laughing and of course sewing. 22 ladies from all over the US and Canada. How cool is that!
Here is a sweet lil graphic I am sharing with you all. Have you kissed your baby today? :o)


Michelle said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day Angela. I am looking forward to retreat more than you know and I appreciate all the hard work you are doing to make it perfect for us! I just can't wait!!

Conni said...

What a sweet photo! Glad your day was notable! Did you feel the earthquake?