Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birthdays and Babies and Earthquakes oh my!

Look at the way that baby smiles for her Meme. All the time! My sis gets these huge grins from Jaidyn. LOL The rest of us get smiles, but not this! And of course, Debbie eats it up. But I am guessing without being there that she is looking at her Pappy.

Happy Birthday Debbie Jo!

Tomorrow we are going to our folk's to celebrate with Debbie. Her actual bday was the 18th. Love my sisters!

And this is my pincushions after the earthquakes today. Humpty Dumpty got dumped. LOL Or had a great fall if you prefer. We had one in the wee hours and one right before noon. Mark was getting ready for work this morning and the whole house was vibrating. Imagine a train going through your front yard. That is the feeling. And there was this wierd sound. Could have been my heart coming up in my throat, but I think it was the earth rumbling. Not a feel good feeling either way! The second one was very brief. Not something I would want to get used to either way!


Conni said...

Love the picture of Meme and Jaidyn!! Too cutie-patootie for sure!

Michelle said...

What a sweet baby face she has! I'm glad you didn't have any serious damage with the earthquake...but it gave me a little giggle when you said Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. How appropriate! :)

Wendy said...

What a sweetheart!!! She is a heart stealer!! So glad you all made it through the earthquakes with no damage!!! Good thing humpty Dumpty is used to falling!!! LOL....Have a great day!!!~Wendy