Monday, October 22, 2007

Well here is hoping we all have a better week! Cause last week was pretty yucky all around. We were to have done our last show on Saturday and had to cancel. Phooey! This was a cool fiber art show with live critters and tons of vendors. But we were afraid for me to go and then get sicker or have this infection turn into pneumonia. Which is not my friend with my health issues. Debbie is on medical leave for her legs and Penny is in her walking boot for another month. And is on antibiotics for bronchitis too. What a puny bunch! But this will be a better week. And if we say it enough.... :o)

I did finish my lil wall hanging. Satin the recliner and fiddled with it. Just dont know for sure now how to quilt it. I love to piece, it is the quilting that bogs me down. Without binding it measures 17-inches. The inner border is only 1/2-inch. It started to get wonky on me. The fabric got stretched a bit, but it worked out fine. All the fabrics are Civil War reproductions. Now who shall I gift it to???


meggie said...

That is a sweet wallhanging. I too find the quilting to be my downfall.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. We are still waiting to find out what is happening.

CONNIE W said...

Angela, It's really, really pretty. I hope you and your sisters all have a better week this time around and all are feeling better! Take care. ((hugs))

3anklebiters said...

Beautiful work Angela.

Beverly said...

Hi Angela,

Sorry that it's been a "not so great" time for you guys.

Your work, as usual, is beautiful.

I got your email, read it, and I'm not sure how to respond! I'd like to say "yes, yes, yes!!!" but I don't want to any trouble or work for you!

Hope everyone is feeling better this week.