Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are having a baby. Well, not "we", but my niece Hillary. Here she is with my sis Debbie. I love this picture. The baby shower for Baby Jaydn Alyssa was Saturday. She got soooo many sweet things. We served sandwiches, veggie tray, feta and spinach spread on crackers, tomato and roasted pepper cheese spread too, cake, mints and nuts. Just 3 weeks to go!

Here we are holding the quilt our "other"sister Michelle made and her picture. It is adorable. She does amazing work! And it is soooo pink. Yikes! I looked like I have been dragged through the bushes backwards. Ignore me and look at Hillary and the sweet blankie! I was just about "done" here. LOL
This is the diaper cake I made her. I had so much fun shopping for it. Goodies are all the way around it. The bottle of M 'n M's was a guessing game.
This is the quilt I made Baby Lyssi. It is pretty big so she can get lots of use out of it. All in 30's reproduction fabric. With a scrappy binding. Love you HillaryNoelle. Hope you use this quilt! Do not save it! :o) It is to wrap your lil' one up in love.
Oh and don't forget the blog special I posted HERE.