Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another weekend vendoring. This time at a quilt show in southern Indiana. It was a 2 day show. Not very many people attended unfortunately. Lack of advertising. And it was a shame because the quilts on display were very nice. Some exceptionally awesome. Two highlights. The first was meeting Conni from Simply Quilted! Just a random occurrence and those are usually the best. She was also vendoring as a longarmer. Conni had samples and photographs of her wonderful work. And such a sweet gracious lady. My sisters and I were very happy to meet her. Debbie reads her blog also so it was way cool. Kaye England was the guest speaker. She shared alot of her personal life and of course her gorgeous quilts. A humerous speaker that really encourages everyone.
I have included photographs in this post and the one below of our booth. We thought/paid for a 8x16-foot space. We got approximately 10x10-foot space. sigh After a bit of anx we worked it all out. Being in the middle of the floor we were able to use both sides of our space/tables. And after it was said and done, it was our favorite set up this year. Go figure. LOL One last show this weekend and we are done. Done in! Love my sisters for helping and putting up with me. They have down all the schelping and I really appreciate them!!!!!

Debbie and Kaye England. They were both having a great time. Deb helped fold her quilts after her lecture and got to really talk to her more then.


Alice I. said...

Hi Ange! The setups look great...as always! You have been a busy lady by the looks of all the beautiful goodies! Too bad the show didn't attract as many visitors as you all had hoped. It is so difficult to predict how shows will go but it sure does help when it is well advertised! Hope your next one is more successful!

CONNIE W said...

Really enjoyed meeting you and your sisters and getting acquainted. I hope we run into each other again! I love your booth, I love all the things I bought, and most of all I loved the serendipity of our chance meeting there at the quilt show.
Best to you!