Friday, October 05, 2007

Here is some crafty eye candy for you all. The first pic is 2 fabric pears that I painted on. Wool leaves and cinnamon stick stems. They are in a old wooden cheese box. I painted a lil' berry vine across the front.

Here are the gourds I posted this summer all painted up. Not near as bright as they appear. Glare from the indoor lighting really made them look bright. I was happy with them. The backsides each have a red checkerboard painted. The floral one is a dark taupe color, the other two are dark mustard. They are sealed with a matt spray sealer. Not the shiney hiney stuff that they look like. LOL

Here are my wool pincushions. I used tiny tiny buttons as accents on the cushies and the wooden heart bases.


Beverly said...

Angela you are so talented!!! You really inspire me to try my hand at something creative and artistic! (But it will be on a small scale, believe me!) These are beautiful!

Rose Marie said...

Wow, all those items are gorgeous. Love those pincushions!