Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thanks everyone for all the comments. The last post picture is of my baby niece Shayla the one I had posted about earlier. She is so precious to us. We had gone to a pizza/playland place and I took the pic there.

We have been crazy around here. My mom got sick and ended up in the er with 8 staples in her head after whacking it on the door facing on the way down, when her blood sugar dropped. Whew that was a run on sentence! But it happened just that way. :o( And she hurt her foot/ankle. THEN sister Penny, you know the one who just had her Achilles repaired? Yep you are thinking the right thing, she tripped over her kitty and is now back into a walking boot thing and crutches. Goes back on Tuesday with mom to have it xrayed... please pray she didnt tear it and need surgery again. And please pray for our mom too. She has tests ran and dr appts in the coming week. I am so grateful that her other meds have helped her head. Keeps telling me it doesnt hurt! And that is a blessing for sure!!

This is a picture of my granddog. Sis and her boyfriend got this lil Jack Russel Terrier, Butterscotch, for free from a friend. She is a tiny lil thing and so precious. Her mommy wasnt into parenting and weaned her babies at 4 weeks! But she eats wonderful and is healthy. As the runt of the litter, she is really small.

Need a quick cookie recipe? This is a great one for kidlets to make too. My dh made these over the weekend and mom makes them all the time.

Cake Mix Cookies

  • dry cake mix of your choice (choc, white or yellow work well)
  • 1 stick of margarine melted
  • 1 egg
  • 2 T water
  • optional...choc chips, nuts, coconut

Mix together with spoon. Drop by teaspoon or cookie scoop onto ungreased cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Bake at 350 degree for 10 minutes. Let cool in pan 3-5 minutes. A nice chewy cookie with a brownie like texture.

I have been working in my playhouse. Have several finished items to take photographs of. Maybe today??? Will try. Off to take a rest right now.


Pam said...

Oh no!! Your poor mum. I sure hope she will be okay, I will keep her in my prayers -- and Penny too!!

What a cute little puppy :)) Such a great name - Butterscotch.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope our mom is ok.
What a cute puppy. That picture is adorable.

julieQ said...

What a beautiful little dog!! Hope Mom is ok.